My response to a Christian Apologist


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His post

An objection to Christianity I hear all the time is one that suggests faith is based less on reason and truth and more on geography, cultural influences, and traditions. In other words, if a person were to grow up in America they would likely be a Christian while a person growing up in Baghdad will likely be a Muslim.

While this argument might seem to have some merit, its true goal is to cast doubt on the truth of Christianity and question the intellectual honesty or intelligence of believers who claim to believe in Christianity based on the truth of its claims.

Surely, no one can take beliefs that were handed down to them by their parents seriously especially when there are so many religious options, can they?

While it is true that many people are guilty of clinging to a belief simply because their family or culture is closely tied to it, the Bible explicitly cautions against doing so (Mark 7:8-13).

My response

Your reasoning here seems to me very shallow and does more to weaken your argument than strengthen it. As a former Christian and Southern Baptist Deacon for many years, I see no validity to your statements. Regardless ones faith, he sees it as truth just as you do yours. You say, test it against the truth, fine, what are the results of your tests that would differ from the faith of another? When I test Christianity against truth it fails miserably. It does not begin to meet the basic requirements of consistency without contradiction.

You say, those who point out that people tend to cling to their cultural upbringing are just trying to fault Christianity. Well, let’s just say they are simply pointing out that the belief is one big contradiction after another. Christianity portrays God as fair and just, which of course, He is but this point brings out that particular contradiction. If God is fair and just, then every human would have equal opportunity but if one simply looks at the world today, we see those who have accepted Jesus largely grouped geographically or culturally, hardly reflecting equality of opportunity.

Furthermore, regardless one’s religious belief, each are sincerely choosing to serve God as they best know how. To believe a loving merciful God would condemn people for sincere misunderstanding is to horribly desecrate both love and God!

It simply makes not a lick of sense. Look at the world the first thousand years or so after Jesus died, what about those on the other side of the globe, the millions of Asia, etc.?

Those who believe God only accepts people of a certain faith or religion are those who have yet to find truth and are themselves blind leaders of the blind. God is not a creator of refuse and rejects and love does not condemn.

Thoughts on character


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It seems to be the nature of us humans to desire the easy life of plenty, our share of fame, fortune, etc.  But as Swami Vivekananda put it at the address to the Parliament of Religions in Chicago on Sept 27, 1893…

“In studying the great characters the world has produced, I dare say, in the vast majority of cases, it would be found that it was misery that taught more than happiness, it was poverty that taught more than wealth, it was blows that brought out their inner fire more than praise.”

We’re not doing it!


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We are not beating our heart.  We are not breathing our breath.  We are not digesting our food.  We are not controlling the millions of bodily functions constantly maintaining our bodies.  We are not thinking our thoughts, they flow from beyond.  We do not choose them.  We did not choose to be born.

I believe the secret of happiness is accepting “what is” and realizing that we didn’t create it nor will we change it.  It will change because change is what this existence is all about but it is not a separate individual doing the changing.  The present moment cannot and could not be different from what it is.  It simply IS.

We are here to experience “what is”.  We are in a boat being carried along by the current past differing scenery called life.  We did not choose the boat and we’re not guiding it.

I like the way Joey Lott describes it and share his blog here.  Also, you might want to check out his books which are highly rated on Amazon.

How was something created from nothing?


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That is a question frequently asked and a very good one.  I’m no scientist or physicist but have some thoughts on the question.  The Law of the Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  This could only mean that energy is infinite or always existing without beginning or end.  Physics also tell us that matter and energy are the same or put another way, matter is formed of energy.  Einstein’s famous formula E=mc2 teaches that the mass of an object or system is a measure of its energy content.  So, can we not conclude that nothing has ever been created or destroyed but merely changed from one form to another?

“Energy cannot be either created or destroyed, it can only be changed for one form to another”,   Albert Einstein

This then begs the question, what is the cause or source of such changing?  Something had to cause the initial formation of the universe from the ever present energy, did it not?  Something is causing the continuous changing of energy formations.

Furthermore, as far as I can discern, energy is non divisible but one.  It may form infinite diversity but energy itself is one, is it not?  What about before the creation of the universe, (if the universe was ever created).  There was only energy apparently singular.  It would be impossible for anything to be added to or subtracted from all that is, so I conclude that everything is one.

Add to that the fact that Einstein as well as other prominent physicists have concluded that time and space do not exist in reality.

This can only mean that there is only HERE and NOW.  There is no past or future.  It also means that there is no progression of events.  All events are happening now simultaneously.  It also means that there is no space for events to occur.

“…for us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.”  Albert Einstein

It is as if a giant map exists which contains every possible event extending infinitely in all directions.  We are exploring it with a hand held magnifying glass.  As the hand moves the glass, new events come into play but the entire map exists always.

However, something beyond our understanding is moving the glass.  We think we are in control at least to some degree but I doubt it.  I do not believe any brain ever created a thought.  Thoughts flow from beyond.  We have no idea what will be our next thought, If we were creating them we would have to know them in advance and we would not be having those we would rather not.  We think we choose to move from this chair to the other or to have tea instead of coffee but it is all simply the flow of thought.  Yes, I know how chemicals or brain damage alters our thinking or abilities but such does not mean that the brain is in control but very well is merely a receiver being manipulated by the hand moving the glass.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”  Nikola Tesla

Einstein never claimed genius but stated that the information simply flowed through his imagination.  “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.  Albert Einstein

I suggest that we exist as Awareness in an eternal ever changing present moment over which we have no control as the Infinite expresses through a projected duality and we are IT..

Re: The $100,000 atheist challenge


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Someone recently posted a YouTube video where they are offering $100,000 to anyone who can disprove or show evidence that God does not exist which has created a lot of controversy both ways.  My thoughts follow.

In the first place, most who believe in God believe in a separate God who created everything separate from Himself.  Then there are those like me who believe God is all and all is God.  Of course, we have the atheist who believe there is no God and the agnostics who believe there is no way or knowing one way or the other.

The problem here is that most focus entirely on the physical, the limited or the finite because we are limited to that capability in this particular physical experience. Proof or evidence is limited to the purely physical. We can prove a body or stone exists because we can see, measure, dissect, analyze, etc.  However, when it comes to the non-physical (Consciousness) there is no proof or physical evidence. 

The finite cannot prove the infinite, yet is it not obvious that the infinite exists? If not, what exist beyond the boundaries or limits? Who can explain it?

We cannot prove that Consciousness exists but is it not obvious that it does? Who can attest to the creation or demise of Consciousness? Who has traced it? Who has ever identified it? Who can explain it? Who can explain how it came into being? Consciousness is neither created or destroyed. It is not divisible or separated. It is all that really exists. It IS. Only the purely physical is created and destroyed.

Yes, atheist can tell us all about the purely physical and how physical life evolved from essentially nothing but show me one who can explain something about how their intelligence or awareness came about. Show me one who can fit that little phenomenon into the picture.  Yet what is existence without intelligence or consciousness?  Absolutely nothing.  How physicality evolved is absolutely meaningless in the larger scheme of existence.  The very essence of this existence is consciousness and no atheist knows squat about it.

Even most scientists now conclude that the physical does not actually exist, nor does time or space. The purely physical is merely a projection of Consciousness. The purely physical is of little consequence. The essence of existence is Consciousness and is completely beyond the scope of any human, atheist or whatever.

Is an atheist’s intelligence or awareness limited to a physical body or brain? If so, where does it reside and how is he aware of anything outside it? How could consciousness be aware of anything outside it’s boundary? Who can explain it? Yet we are aware of a universe but show me someone who can explain that awareness.

God is neither physical or finite. Consciousness or the essence of existence cannot be proven, not does it need to be. It is self evident.  One only need be intuitive enough to see beyond the limitations of pure physicality or to recognize an intelligence far greater than our own.

Of course, I could make the same offer for proof of no God but would not be so foolish. To believe only what can be proven is to limit one’s perspective to the limited or purely physical.

Only a fool would say, “show me proof of a God”.

You were not created. You will not die.


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The body will be buried but no one ever buried Consciousness.  You are Awareness.  Experiences and people come and go but Awareness simply is, eternally. 

Who can attest to the demise of Consciousness?  Who has traced it?  Who has ever identified it?  Who can explain it?  Who can explain how it came into being?  Consciousness is neither created or destroyed.  It is not divisible or separated.  It is all that really exists.  It IS.

The Light of Being


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I, Awareness, am the truth of your being and am eternally with you, in you, as you, shining quietly in the background of all experience. Just turn towards Me and acknowledge Me and I will take you into Myself.

Today’s daily quote from Rupert Spira

Levels of Consciousness


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I believe there is only one Consciousness, God or whatever one wishes to call IT.  The One could not express without comparison, contrast, etc.  Consequently IT choose to project the creation of multiplicity and duality.  Hence, the big bang and the universe with infinite varieties of limited consciousnesses.  To me, evolution is about the advancement of individual consciousness. I believe this is the benefit of meditation.  I suspect that every aspect of Consciousness will come to full realization eventually and that the difference in good and evil is simply the level of consciousness.

Those seeking gain or dominance over the other either by violence, greed or whatever are simply at the lower levels of consciousness.  Merely my opinion, of course.



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