God and Creation


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Contrary to religion

God is pure love, light, perfection, omniscient and is all that can possibly exist. God is all and all is God. Yes, we are God. What we are experiencing here in physicality is illusion, not reality. It is impossible for duality which includes imperfection (good & evil) to exist in the perfection of the kingdom of God. Duality allows God to experience It’s opposite which It does through us as part of It. We are not bodies having a spiritual experience but Spirit having a physical experience.

We and all of creation are eternal Consciousness, Spirit, Source, God or whatever you wish to call It. Duality is temporary, Consciousness is eternal. As eternal Consciousness and aspects of God we were given the choice to experience the dreamlike illusion of duality. We made that choice because it offers very unique experiences that cannot exist otherwise and will magnificently enhance our eternity. We are living many many lives over thousands of years although time does not exist in eternity. Each life is relatively short after which we return to home or Heaven for rest and recuperation which may last for many years and with the assistance of loving guides choose our next life. No one dies, there are no dead people, physical bodies, yes, Spirit no. Being no death there is no resurrection, we simply come and go from physicality to Heaven and back again. Heaven is not something new, it is the kingdom of God, has always existed and always will. Being eternal, we came from Heaven, have visited it many times in our lives between lives and will exist there forever. We have many options when choosing the next life, who are our parents, siblings, etc. In most cases we remain with family or close friends throughout many lifetimes altering husband, wife, parent, child, grandparent, etc. and also change gender from time to time. Yes we have all been male,female, mother, father, etc. in different lifetimes.

The life between lives we are all knowing but forget all when reincarnating into the next so that it has the appearance of reality and the evolutionary process continues from where we left off on the previous life. This illusion amounts to an evolutionary process of awakening to who and what we really are. The process is over thousands of years but only a flash in eternity. We are given free will to make any choice we desire. We are guided constantly by our guides, more so when we trust and seek them. Every thought is creation in this illusion. Yes, we create our own reality.

Love is the theme. All thoughts consistent with love lead us toward peace while those inconsistent with love create struggle or hell which is the only hell that exist. All meant to guide us toward love and awakening but some just don’t seem to get it. This is perfectly consistent with the teachings of Jesus who said all things are possible for those who can believe. Whatever we believe we create. Evil, Satan, etc. cannot possibly exist without our belief it does. It is also very consistent with Jesus statement, that the kingdom of God is within. We are God experiencing what appears as separation which can never actually be the case.

Jesus did not die for the sins of humanity, Jesus lived and died demonstrating unconditional love as never before or since. God is not concerned about sin or past, but love and present. When we become love, sin and past vanishes in the present. It’s all about love which is what God is. Love and non-judgment is not something we can “do”, rather it is what we “become” when we die to the separate egoic self and surrender completely to the oneness of God. We graduate back home to Heaven when we awaken to the truth of who and what we really are.

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The Game of Life or Great Illusion


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Our problem here is, we are mistaking the illusion for reality. Heaven/Love/God/Consciousness/Perfection is reality and all that exist. God is all and all is God, including us. Yes, we are God, there is no separation. Some will cringe and say that is blaspheme but actually the opposite is true. If God were separate, It could not be infinite but would have to be limited and confined by boundary. God wishes to express and is doing so through infinite manifestation and multiplicity including us and all that exist.

God cannot fully express without contrast or opposites. Such cannot exist in pure love and perfection, hence the illusion or dream of opposites, separated by the veil. Any who wish, may chose to experience the illusion. We choose to do so, to taste what the opposite of love would be like and to experience ultimate contrast. It is that realization that will make our eternal destination of love that much sweeter. We are currently in the illusion which consists of a series of lifetimes beginning at a somewhat lower level of Consciousness and evolving to a higher one, or to finally completely dying to self and surrendering to our Maker and Love at which time we will ascend back home/Heaven. Through our choosing the illusion, God experiences It’s opposite and ultimate contrast.

There is no judgment, no sin and no hell. God gives us complete freedom without judgment, but our choices determine our heaven or hell while here and we do not return home until we have forsaken all selfish behavior for love. Yes, God allows Lucifer to tempt us and Angels to assist us as part of the game. It’s up to us which we follow. All will sooner or later return to love and our Heavenly home. Hell or ugliness could not possibly co-exist with loving perfection throughout eternity. We place far too much concern on the illusion which has absolutely no affect on our eternal destiny.

The dying words of Jesus


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“Father forgive them for they know not what they do”, reveals so much more than has yet been realized by the masses. In the first place, he was forgiving those who rejected him. The religion tries to make it work by saying he was forgiving them because they did not know that he was the son of God which makes absolutely no sense. Regardless, whether he was the son of God or just another human, according to the belief they were sinners and now murderers. Furthermore, he was no more the son of God than those who were crucifying him and Jesus knew this.. These words prove that Jesus realized that all are not only forgiven but forever loved eternally by their creator. The prayer was not necessary, because no forgiveness exists because there is nothing to forgive. Of course, Jesus knew this but made the statement to exemplify the love of God which only he had fully realized. Likewise, Jesus did not die for the sins of mankind because no sacrifice was ever required by love.

“for they know not what they do”, our only shortcoming is ignorance, which we shall all move beyond eventually as did Jesus, which is the only difference in us and Jesus.. It may take many more grueling lifetimes for some but all will eventually wake up to truth. Jesus had realized who and what he really was and knew those who were torturing him were the same but just ignorant of it. This was his teaching from the beginning, the problem was that he was interpreted by Jews heavily ingrained in OT teachings of an angry, emotional, revengeful,  human like, judgmental God who planned a creation where a few would forever live in bliss with Him and the vast majority would suffer forever and call it love. According to the belief, our loving God thinks nothing of creating humans knowing in advance they will suffer forever. It teaches that God is all knowing but very unhappy with His creation and consequently condemns the majority. Jesus not only knew better but tried in vain to teach it. Sadly, he was terribly misinterpreted!

Empty Graves


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We are not bodies having a spiritual experience, we are eternal spiritual beings having one of many physical experiences. Bodies expire, Spirit does not. The grave holds no one. Never has, never will!

There is only love


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I find it interesting that the two things Christianity gets right is that God is love and life is eternal while at the same time denying both by believing in a God of eternal punishment and only one life beginning at physical birth.

To believe that love would plan a creation where most suffered forever with no hope of escape is the ultimate contradiction. As human we can only experience a very limited reality, but we do experience love, at least to some degree. Probably the closest version is that of a mother’s love for her child. What loving mother would even think of bringing a child into the world knowing it would suffer forever? Yet that is precisely what the religion accuses their loving God of. Yes, a mother disciplines a child to teach it about how to live this life but she never even considers eternal suffering for the wrongs it may do, as love could not even conceive of such. Just think about it, a child does wrong, a mother is heartbroken but if the child repents, the mother is ecstatic and is certainly not interested in punishing for repented misbehavior. Neither is our loving God. The religions have totally misconstrued and desecrated both God and love.

Yes, life is eternal, which means without beginning or end. There is no death, only transition. Such is very easily proven by the many NDE’s or the hypnotist who have taken people back and recorded their experiences of seeing the lifeless body, hearing the doctors pronounce it dead, witnessing the loved ones weeping, etc. followed by moving on through the tunnel into the loving white light.

We have all lived many many lives in physicality on this side of the veil, as well as unknown experience in bliss on the other side. Time does not exist on the other side of the veil, where it is always NOW. We choose to forget who and what we really are to experience physicality with free choice in the only environment where ultimate contrast of opposites, good, evil, health, sickness, up, down, hot, cold, light, dark, etc. can exist. Such is impossible on the other side where only love and perfections exists. Why would we choose such, because of what the grand experience contributes to our understanding and eternity.

In a nutshell, there is no death, which means there has never been a resurrection, so much for Easter. And Jesus did not die for the sins of mankind but to demonstrate for us love, forgiveness and who and what we really are, Divine. He said greater than these will you do, indicating that he did not consider himself any greater than those who he taught, merely more spiritually advanced. The church simply went off on a false tangent following a Jewish interpretation of Jesus, anxious to fulfill their anticipated Messiah. More on that later.



The REAL glory and magnificence of Easter is not about a resurrection, in fact, none occurred. It was far more glorious. Jesus never died. Only the physical body expires and we are not a physical body. Of course, Jesus survived death of the physical body, just as we all do. There is no birth or death of Spirit, only transition. There is no such thing as dead people, only dead or inanimate bodies. Spirit is eternal, meaning without beginning or end. Yes, Jesus chose to reappear briefly in a form his followers would recognize to reassure them of the continuity of life. Jesus came to bring light into a world of darkness and demonstrate unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and the continuity or eternalness of life as reflected in his dying words from the cross, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. He clearly loved and forgave all without condition including those who rejected him and nailed those precious hands and feet to a chunk of wood and raised it for all to witness his gift of love and light. No wonder the thief on another cross and the Roman Centurion were so overwhelmed as to crumble and exclaim him lord. Never before or since has love been so profoundly demonstrated.

Jesus did not die for the sins of mankind. If he had, he would not have been able to say, forgive them, for they were sinners regardless their treatment of him. To believe that is to rob him of the unconditional love and forgiveness he so marvelously and sacrificially demonstrated from the cross. It adds condition to that which he spoke clearly without any. It further desecrates both God and love by adding rejection and eternal suffering as an aspect of love. Instead of unconditional acceptance, it institutes a price or ritual to be paid. Love does not condemn and God does not find any part or aspect of His creation unworthy of acceptance. No loving entity would create a world that would require rejection, suffering and punishment.

Yes, Jesus is the Son of God as is all creation including you and I.

About Truth


I was having a conversation recently about spirituality and nearing the end, the other said, you think you have it all figured out, don’t you? After some thought, it became obvious to me that no, I haven’t figured anything out. Here’s what happened. Many years ago, after struggling with the beliefs of my religion, I became frustrated, closed my eyes and said, God these teachings no longer ring with truth to me, they seem like one contradiction after another, please show me what you’re all about. I kept repeating that request. Soon my intuition started showing me things in many different ways, like a book title, or some inspirational story, some spiritual teacher on the Internet, or simply thoughts that did ring with truth, etc. I started becoming excited and after many years, I still repeat that request quite regularly because I realize that I still haven’t even scratched the surface and those unexplainable hints just keep coming.

So, no I haven’t figured out anything, a higher Source just has led me to where I am today. Of course, many others are still following what I questioned and now are convinced that it is the Devil who is responding to me. I just smile and think, well if so, Source is allowing him to respond to God’s call, he has turned to love, decided to preach that God really is love and does it without the contradictions I was hearing before.

No New Souls


The belief accepted by the masses and the church that we are a new soul born into a physical body and upon death our eternity is established is a ridiculously limited uninformed one. In the first place, eternity has no beginning or end. There is no such thing as a NEW soul. We exist always and are simply experiencing another brief physical encounter. Our forever home is the other side of the veil and only a small aspect of our Soul leaves for various encounters. It is only these encounters that enable us to experience an illusion of contrast, i.e., light, dark, good, evil, love, unlove, etc.

In reality, only the perfection of love and light exists. Imperfection could not possibly exist in reality. The veil separates illusion from reality. It blocks our memory of who we really are, past lives, etc. to enhance the illusion. Our soul never actually leaves or separates from perfect reality.

Is the church off track?


Some believe I have been unfavorable to the church. It is only my intent to bring forth the truth that the church has been most unfavorable to God and Love. It’s not that God needs my help, I think He can handle it but perhaps others here could benefit. The church proclaims a God of love and then presents a very unloving one. To believe that love would create billions, knowing in advance that they would suffer forever or create man incapable of perfection and then condemn him for it, certainly does not reflect love but it’s opposite. No loving human would even think of such but we think nothing of accusing our loving God of it. We justify it with such ridiculous argument as, well it has to be true because the good book says so and we can’t understand God, which is a very flimsy attempt to make obvious contradiction acceptable.

The truth is, the greatness, love and glory of God is not only pure, consistent and without contradiction but vastly beyond human understanding. However, glimpses are there for those who are ready for awakening. The rest will remain imprisoned behind the walls of ingrained beliefs until the Light knocks a little louder on their door.