Ingrained beliefs distort logic


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I remain amazed how people can believe that a loving God would create humans incapable of perfection or meeting His standard and then condemn them for it or require some ritual for compensation.

Actually, the belief is that God condemns everyone he creates.  No one is saved without seeking forgiveness.  God knows in advance that each created human will be incapable of meeting His standard.  Not only that, but He knows in advance which will fail to ask for forgiveness for the way they were created and will spend an eternity suffering with no possible escape.  He creates them anyway.

The belief is very easily proven wrong.  What loving parent would bring a child into the world knowing in advance that the child would suffer forever?  Yet we believe a loving God commits such terrible cruelty by the billions.  We try to gloss it over by saying, “well God does not wish any to perish and offers a way out”.  How ridiculous, the fact remains that He knew in advance He was creating eternal suffering.  If such were actually true, God would be creating far more suffering than Hitler and all the others despots combined.  Of course, it’s not.

To me, such belief is not merely contradiction but major belittlement of God and desecration of love.  The real Good News is that God really is love and love does not condemn!
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Beliefs, dogmas, religions, opinions, etc. and resulting conflict comes from the outside

Truth, Love and Revelation comes from going deep within

The Dance of the Cosmos


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(From Garth Brooks, The Dance)
“Our lives are better left to chance, I could have missed the pain
but I’d have had to miss the dance.”

Our lives are constant change
unexpected joys, unexpected pain

Today I’m so happy, my children all OK
Tomorrow a phone call leaves me in dismay

Now I’m so comfy, feeling very good
Later a virus displaced bad mood

Once I’m born on a yacht and silver spoon
Again I’m born in poverty, my roof the moon

Sorrow is expecting all to be well and pain without
Contentment is realizing mix is what life is about

We tend to think the life of ease is key to existence
Perhaps the Creator is pleased by poverty’s persistence

We tend to think we’re in control. But of what?
When, where, parents, etc. we’re not

We think we control our thoughts
Yet we have no idea our next, so our control is what?

Is it not obvious that we are creatures of our conditioning?
Our early upbringing, DNA, etc., determining our predisposition

There is the dance of the cosmos and we are the dancers
All are part of the whole as IT expresses through infinite expanses

We are not only the dancers, but Infinite essence
We are soon to transition physicality, and rejoin Infinite Presence

We are infinite experiences of opposites, good, evil, contrasts and separation
Impossible within perfection without the illusion of diversification.


What following Jesus means to me


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Following Jesus is not the cakewalk many believe it to be.

Being love is vastly beyond what most imagine.

It is not about church, Bible reading, etc. In fact the Bible has misled many more than it ever saved.

Salvation is not about religion, faith or belief. It is LOVE.

Religions, faith, beliefs, rituals, etc. are not only divisive, but meaningless. Love is uniting.

I have always been a hawk. If they are evil, bomb the bastards. I have changed!

Jesus said, “love your enemies”. Carl Jung voiced the same truth in, “what you resist, persists”.

What if, instead of resistance, we simply said, “I love you”?

What if one raised in ghetto street violence viewed all others as privileged and was determined to get “his” by force, faced you with a gun, demanding your wallet? What if you not only handed it to him lovingly but said and really felt, “I love you” to your attacker? Let’s say he pulled the trigger, the bullet pieced your heart, you fall to the floor, and your last words are, “I….love……you”, and you’re gone. What has been the effect? You have transcended from the physical to the spiritual but what about your attacker? Has not his heart been melted? He has either been drawn toward spiritual awakening or drawn further into physical separation and deeper into hell. We could apply the same scenario to an attack by Isis.

In any case our situation has not changed, we transcended physicality either way as a result of the encounter either through love or some lacking of it, the only question is, has the other evolved or devolved?

This was precisely what Jesus did. He was the first to demonstrate what love is. Among his final words were, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. Jesus had realized love and at the same time realized that his attackers had a ways to go. He demonstrated for us the power of love and non-resistance and in so doing changed the world. Let’s suppose Jesus had banded an army of followers as is usually the case and had desperately fought to defend his teachings. He would then have simply been among the many who did the same in lack of love instead of the one who changed the world by simply being love.

But how many are so brave or committed or have such faith in love? Love is neither aggression or defense but pure acceptance. We will never defeat our enemies by conflict. There will always be more until we finally learn to be love.

We think we must defend our faith (belief) and of course, so do the others. But let’s suppose one side should wake up to truth, lay down their weapons and say, we love you, overrun and kill us if you wish. What would be the result? Of course, this is not likely on a national scale but will only happen on a one by one basis.

It is my belief that all needs and all acts are for lack of love and committed in a desperate search for it, although ignorant of that underlying motivation. I believe all sin is merely lack of love.

Does condemnation exists? Is it consistent with love? Is capital punishment OK? Is it love? Is abortion OK? Is it love? Does an eternal hell exist? Is it love? Cannot all questions be answered in like manner?

It is my belief that we are here to finally accept love as the key. All will eventually get it. Love would have it no other way. And yes, we are living many physical experiences in our trek to LOVE.

Our love for Jesus is based on the fact that he was the first in recorded history to actually suffer excruciating physical death in order to demonstrate what love is. But who of us are really Jesus followers?

Religious Fanatics


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Some thoughts on the recent Islamic murderers in San Bernardino, CA. We view those acts as pure evil which they surely are. However, considering this from a purely religious standpoint, some interesting observations arise. Were these two intentionally violating God’s will? Were they rejecting God in favor of their own will? Were they choosing hell instead of heaven? Certainly not, quite the opposite. They were totally convinced they were not only serving God but sacrificing their own lives in that service. How then would a loving God judge such? We who believe much differently would conclude that they were acting with great sincerity but ignorance. They had been indoctrinated in one of the beliefs of their culture with unquestioning faith. Who’s fault then is this great injustice? Are not the Muslims as sincere as any in choosing to serve God? Are they intentionally rejecting truth? Are they not as certain of their beliefs as we are ours? How are any to come to know truth without openly observing and serious questioning?

We can be quick to judge and say they should have questioned their undying faith but their devoted acceptance of their indoctrinated belief blocked any such reasoning. Does love condemn ignorance?



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In my mind, God is vastly beyond religions, beliefs, prayer, rituals, worship, accepting, doing, etc.

No one is converted to truth by argument, evangelism, point making, etc.

People may be persuaded to accept one belief or another but all such is merely vacillating physicality.

No one is dependent on another for salvation, nor are they dependent upon a belief.

In fact, beliefs, religions, etc. are divisive.  Truth is uniting into oneness and love.

There is no such thing as separation, boundaries, individuals, etc.

Truth is spirit and is only One.

Truth comes by going within and awakening to who and what we really are.

This is what Jesus was trying to teach and many including the Gnostics got the point.

The statement that got Jesus crucified was, “the father and I are one”.

After many years of deep contemplation, I now know that truth is Oneness

Those who have found truth, are not winning converts by rhetoric but by simply being what they are.

They possess a wholeness, expressed as light which attracts others by its profundity not to be found in rhetoric, religion or seeking.

In fact, there is no such thing as converts, there is only the awakened and the un-awakened

Everyone is eternally absorbed by God’s love while experiencing an illusion of separation and physicality.

Once we open to truth, it will open to us.

What is Life?


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Is it a heart pumping blood, lungs breathing and a brain seemingly producing thoughts?

Or is it vastly beyond physicality, existing as awareness and knowing?

Are you your body and brain?

What happens to you when the body ceases to function?

Are you a physical being seeking a particular spiritual experience?

Or are you a spiritual being having a physical experience?

The answer is obvious but overlooked by the masses seeking a religious experience.

What does it mean to be whole?


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To be whole is to be love. Love is oneness. A mother and father love their offspring like no other because they are one, the same sperm and egg. At birth, they begin a sojourn of separation but the oneness is forever as well as the love.

Just as a loving mother and father may be saddened at their son or daughter’s falling away, they forever love and look forward to that ones return to their loving arms. The thought of condemnation could never enter a Consciousness of love. So it is with our Creator, patiently waiting our awakening. We are the very embryo of God. His prodigal son groping his way back to his loving original sonship in the Garden of Eden.

Here in physicality, we experience an illusion of separation because we chose to experience independence, separate from our Creator. However, because our Creator is our loving father, we can never truly be separate.

We are not here to accept one belief or another but merely to awaken to love and what we really are. We are all at different way points along that pathway, some requiring more physical sojourns than others, but all will eventually find their way. In my opinion, awakening to that truth and becoming love, ends physical sojourns while failure to do so, calls forth yet another.

Belief, Faith or even Morality is not the issue


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Surprising though it may be, in the final analysis, belief, faith, doctrine or morality are not of consequence as far as ascension or salvation is concerned. They can all be swept out the door like dust from the floor. All that matters is our love capacity. Love displaces all.    Evil, bad morality, etc. only reflect a lack of love.  And that is the lesson we are here to learn.  We are not here to choose between endless beliefs, having faith and worshiping one, while considering the others wrong and even adversaries, while others, just as sincere, accept something else because they were born in a different time or culture.  And no, those “others” are not judged or condemned because of their differences.  This is not what unconditional love is and it is not what God is.  There is no judgment.  We chose to temporarily experience good and evil and are now finding our way back home, just as the prodigal son.  We are here to discover what we really are and all the rest will fall beautifully into place.

Our stumbling block is a belief in separation. Our capacity to love is greatly diminished by that belief.  Belief in separation is the root of all evil, judgment, comparisons, fear, strife, ego and all negativity. Only when we come to realize that we are one with all and all is within and not separate, can we truly know love. Only when we recognize that we are one with all can we love all of creation as ourselves, because it IS ourselves.

Straight is the way and narrow the gate that leads to truth and few there be that find it. And those who do, do not remain in physicality. Jesus realized who and what he really was and was trying to teach that we are all the same.  The Gnostics got the message and many others who were him but the majority were ingrained jews, so what resulted was a mix mash of OT and truth.  The statement that got Jesus killed was, “The father and I are one”. But the people were so ingrained in OT doctrine of an angry, jealous, judging and vengeful god they would not hear it.   There is no such god.  And along that vein, let me hurry on to say, it was obviously not Infinite love that commanded the Israelites to mercilessly slaughter the innocent Canaanites, including children and babies, nor the many other Biblical atrocities.   It was testosterone filled egos, believing in separation and devoid of love.  The religions have it all wrong, desecrating both God and love to fit their belief.  Let us not make the same mistake as those who murdered Jesus by letting ingrained belief blind us to truth.

I strongly suspect that coming to this realization brings an end to physical journeys, while failure to do so, calls forth another.

The real good news, God really IS love!


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