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Isn’t love positive?  Love is acceptance and its opposite is rejection. Those who believe in hell say, yes, but God is perfect and cannot accept impurity so He has no option but to condemn those who are not cleansed by the blood of Jesus.  But isn’t that statement a contradiction in itself?  How can we say God cannot accept imperfection when every human created was imperfect as created.  Man has a sinful nature but who gave man his nature?

When we say God is love “but”, we at that point desecrate love to include rejection.  Love demands closeness, hate demands separation.  They are opposites and cannot possibly coexist.  Love cannot be both pure and its opposite. On the one hand we are saying God cannot accept impurity and on the other that He is impure in comprising love’s opposite.  Are we not guilty of humanizing and adulterating the spiritual here?