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I believe the answer is yes but for a much different reason than the Christian belief.  The belief is fraught with doctrine very difficult to swallow from a reasonable viewpoint. Many believe Jesus had to die before God could find mankind acceptable or forgivable.  Let us consider this objectively.  The belief is that God is love.  As such He was creating humans by the thousands continually and all the while condemning them all because they did not measure up to His standard of acceptance.   Jesus recognizing the awful hopelessness of the situation and desiring to do something about it volunteered to sacrifice His own life to appease God’s anger and save at least some.

This doctrine leaves us with several issues that simply do not pass the test of reason.

1) How could love possibly create sentient beings incapable of meeting its standard and condemn them all to hell because of it?

2)  Would a perfect loving God create beings or a situation that caused Him anger and frustration?

3)  Since Jesus made this decision voluntarily, what if he had made the other one and chose to just remain comfy with the Father?  God then would have been forever creating hell bound sentient beings without hope.

4) How could a loving father put his son in such a terrible situation?

5) How could a loving and perfect creator conceive such an awful plan of  creation?

It seems to me that in order to accept this belief one must not only desecrate love but God as well.

I do not believe God created a bunch of rejects and refuse or that He required suffering and the shedding of blood as payment for the sin the Bible says man was created incapable of avoiding.

However, having said all that, let me hurry on to say that nothing is taken from the love and adoration due Jesus for the great sacrifice he made for mankind.  Nor does it take a thing from what Christmas represents.  Christmas represents love and that is the essence of the legacy Jesus taught with his sacrificial gift to mankind.   Until the time of Jesus it was essentially an eye for an eye mentality under the judgment of an angry God.  It was Jesus that tried to introduce love and non-resistance to a lost humanity.  It was so different to the religion of the day, it eventually cost him his life but the impressions he left changed the world to a large degree.  Not to the extent hoped for but a gigantic step in a new and better direction none the less.

I believe God really is love and really did give man freedom and we have chosen to take a spin in duality and try things our way for a bit.  We will eventually get our fill of it and be welcomed back home as wandering prodigal sons and daughters.