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The thing I find most intriguing about this life is how little we know about who and what we really are.  Apparently, no one really knows. Whether we call it religion, spirituality or whatever, is of little consequence. What we are trying to understand is, what is going on here or what is this all about? Here we are aware of our existence in a very mysterious and complex but orderly and balanced universe that surely must be authored by a Creator of much higher intelligence. Yet, no one really knows.   Why?   If this Creator created us, it must have been for a reason, yet we don’t really know. Of course, many are quick to claim such knowledge but there is little agreement amongst the inhabitants of this planet.  Obviously, no clear crucial message has been equally dispersed.  Even though adherents of the many diverse beliefs are equally sincere in desiring to love and serve God, there is little agreement as to what God requires for acceptance, if anything.  I strongly suspect He accepts His creation “as is”, as it seems incomprehensible that love could create something unacceptable. 

We have thousands of scholars who devote their lives studying the very same historical evidence, spiritual writings, teachings, etc. but come away with almost as many different conclusions.  Consequently, it seems to me, we can only conclude that God did not intend us to know at this stage of the game. Yes, different versions of, so called, “God’s Word” exists but they are all so ambiguous and diverse, no definite conclusions can be drawn.

There must be a much larger purpose than we are currently able to understand. And I do not believe it is terribly significant what our interpretation of it all is at this point. If it was, surely a loving Creator would be quite clear about it and make sure the same unequivocal information was equally dispersed to all.

I suspect we are each a story book of different experiences and at different stages of completion. When the final chapter is written and the book closed, I believe we will advance to much greater understanding of what we really are and what it is all about.

I believe there is only Consciousness and it is God.  God is all and all is God expressing through infinite form and manifestation.    Obviously, it includes you and I but we are not separate individuals, but are part of the Whole, as waves have different characteristics but are part of the ocean.  We have limited knowledge now as we experience that which we believe to be an individual identity but will eventually awaken from this dream into the reality of what we really are.