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Einstein, Bohm, Feynman, Hawkins and other great physicists agree that time and space are illusion.

alberteinstein     Albert Einstein and the Fabric of Time

There is only the eternal “NOW”.  There are no yesterdays or tomorrows, they come and go in the now.  Everything simply “is”.  Everything exist now. From the big bang to whatever we experience next.  It’s like a giant mural has been painted extending infinitely in all directions but in our limited awareness we can only view a small portion which we interpret as time and space.  I believe Eckhart Tolle and other mystics have expressed something similar.

Nothing has ever been created or destroyed including life itself.  There is only Consciousness expressing in infinite form or projecting all that we experience as illusion and we are it or aspects of it.  In our limited understanding we think in terms of time and space.  We believe an intelligence existed and then created “stuff”.  But if Consciousness, intelligence or whatever, existed initially, It would have had to have been “all that is”.  Nothing could be added to or subtracted from “all that is”.  Where would it come from or go to?   Consequently, in reality, there is no form, material or boundaries.

Put another way, if the infinite exist, which our reasoning says it must, because otherwise what exist beyond the boundaries, there can be no separation or boundaries because if there were, one would infringe on the other and no infinite could be possible.  Reason tells us there cannot be an infinite and something separate from it.

Put yet another way, how do we define ourselves?  Are we not defined by consciousness?  If we are separate, our consciousnesses must have boundaries.  If so, how are they defined?  Where does mine end and yours begin?

Put yet another way, if we are defined by consciousness and there is separation with boundaries, how can we be aware of each other or anything, for that matter, outside our consciousness?  It seems to me, there can be no division or boundary within Consciousness.  In any case, if there was, we could not be aware of it.  We could have no awareness of anything outside our boundary of consciousness.  Apparently, Consciousness is total and infinite but is projecting limited aspects of Itself to express as separate beings experiencing relationships in duality.

Science states that there is only energy vibrating at different frequencies.  It is all the same stuff.  It further states that energy can neither be created or destroyed.

I know many will say I am trying to explain the infinite with finite understanding and perhaps that is so.  However, if there’s anything that can be said about our experience of this marvelous universe, it is that it is consistent with our limited reasoning.  It does not behave erratically or illogically.  Consequently, I believe it reasonable to draw or formulate  certain assumptions from our contemplative observation of experience.   Realizing, of course, that our understanding is quite limited at this point and remaining open to greater revelation as it evolves.

My belief is that there is only Consciousness/Intelligence/Energy/God,……. expressing.

It does not exist in location or time.  It simply IS