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I do not claim to have the answers but share a few observations.

Our experience reflects two phenomena which can be summed up as the totality of our existence.  Those two are the physical and the mental.  I believe a little further contemplation reveals that the two can be reduced to one.  We are aware of the separation and boundaries of the physical, this thing, that thing, etc.   However, when it comes to the mental we experience no such separation.  Does not the mental comprise it all?  If the mental, awareness or consciousness was divided, bounded, separated or limited how could one thing have awareness of the other?  If you and I are defined by our awareness, mentality, consciousness, knowing or whatever you wish to call it and are separate how can we be aware of each other and where or what defines the boundary between us?  Obviously, our brain or body does not confine our consciousness.  If it did we could not be aware of anything else.

We are aware of physicality changing, seemingly coming and going, etc. and in a constant state of flux.  However, awareness remains changeless, invulnerable and cannot be created or destroyed.  Can we not then conclude that there can be no limit, boundary or separation within Consciousness?  If so, we can further conclude that there is only Consciousness because if there is no separation in Consciousness there can obviously be nothing existing separate from it.  There is only, All that Is and we are IT.  Many will say claiming to be God is a flagrant affront to God or a terrible sacrilege.  But, in fact, the opposite is actually the case.  If we claim to be separate from God we necessarily belittle and limit Him/Her/IT.  God cannot be infinite or limitless and be separated by other “stuff”.  By definition, nothing can exist separate from the Infinite.  If it did one would infringe on the other and no infinite could be possible.

Even science and quantum physics now state that everything is simply energy vibrating at different frequencies.  It’s all the same stuff.  Just when Newtonian physics thought they had it all figured out and explained physicality and matter, new discoveries stood it all on its head.  Earlier science stated that the electron was the smallest particle in existence.  Then quantum physics came along and discovered subatomic particles and now most believe that even smaller and smaller units of energy exist to the infinite.  Furthermore, it has since been determined that what had been generally accepted as being particle sometimes is not a particle at all.  Sometimes it takes the characteristics of a wave which is energy.  As I understand it, science has now concluded that whether it is a wave or a particle is a matter or probability and totally unpredictable from a scientific point of view.  Further, that the behavior of the subatomic appears to be influenced by the expectations of the observer.  To me this would tend to confirm the mental creating the physical.  Further that the physical or matter does not really exist except as a vast illusion.

How then do we explain individuality?  Since we have established by deductive reasoning that there can be no separation, can we not now conclude that there is no separate you and I.  Further, since nothing can exist separate from Consciousness, nothing but Consciousness exists.

Yet we are aware.  Can we not now further conclude that we are all that is or aspects of the Consciousness that we have already established as all?  Taking this line of reasoning a little further, while we have awareness, we are at the same time aware of not being fully aware.  We seemingly are aspects of infinite intelligence but not infinite or at least not aware of it while we are seemingly limited to physicality.

From here we can only speculate.  I suggest that Infinite intelligence chose to express and Its only means of so doing was to project an illusion of physicality or that which we experience as this universe with inhabitants of limited awareness.  They could not have full awareness or they would cease to be the projection but be equal with the Projector and the projection would lose its seeming reality and spontaneity.

The next question then is, what is the extent of our individual thinking, freewill and what are we really capable of changing or controlling, if anything?  I am, of course, totally aware of how we think we are  but I wish to throw out some food for thought on this question.

Back to the physical and the mental.  We have already established that the physical does not really exist.  Only the mental is capable of creating a thought.  The physical is nothing but objects including our body and brain.  The mental creates the physical, never the other way around.   I do not believe a brain ever created a thought.  The physical cannot possibly create.  The brain may very well act as some sort of filter or receiver but I do not believe it, being physical, can ever be creative.  Further substantiating this is the fact that we do not have much idea what our next thought will be.  Not only that, but when you stop to really analyze it, we are not even aware of the ending of a thought as a new one begins.  Nor can we control what it will be or how long or often it may reoccur.  Likewise, we have many thoughts we would rather not have at times.  If we were creating or controlling them why would we have undesirable ones?  You have no idea what your next thought will be but I do and you cannot possibly avoid it unless you stop reading right now.  Your next thought will be visualizing a flying elephant.   So, I believe it obvious that we do not control our thoughts and that they are not only originating from somewhere beyond the physical brain but even from beyond that which we consider ourselves.

We are all aware of creative minds, authors, and the like expressing how it seemed that the words just flowed through them to the pages. I believe Einstein relayed something along that line as well.  He never claimed genius but stated that the information just flowed through his imagination.  I love his his quotes, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, “Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will get you anywhere”, “Knowledge is what one attains after he forgets what he learned in school”.  In fact, it seems to me that true knowledge and intuition flows more freely when thought is released.

(to be continued)