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About control of life otherwise. We did not control when or where we were born.  The fact is, we did not even have the slightest influence or control over whether we were born or exist in this particular life in the first place.  What did?  I suggest it was our Higher Self, God, All that is or whatever you wish to call it.  And to THAT we will be reabsorbed.   I know that does not agree with what the religions tell us but it only requires very little open questioning to realize their sincere but misguided dogmas.  I strongly suspect that we ourselves chose this life from a higher plane of understanding for benefits to our eternal destiny that we cannot be aware of at this stage of the game.

We had no control of who were our parents, siblings or status, financial, fame or otherwise.  We  had no control of our gender, original health, inherent tendencies,  etc.  We had no control of our early upbringing, how we were treated,  what we were exposed to, nourishment, etc. We had no control of our  early education or exposure to outside influences, etc.  We had no control whether we were bullied or abused sexually or otherwise.

We now do not control our bodily functions, heartbeat, digestion, respiration, etc.  We have little if any control over viruses, infections, immune systems, accidents, etc.

We do not control when, where or how we die.  We do not control all those little or sometimes big unexpected events occurring daily in our lives.  Yet, we think we are in control of our lives.

Of What?

We  think we are making decisions between multiple choices but are we  really?  We say we could have chosen the other option.  But why didn’t we?  We weighed the options, consequences, etc and made a decision.  In  other words it would have required different consequences or circumstances for us to have  made a different decision.  But only what is, IS.  So, was a different decision ever in the picture?  Who could deny that things would be a lot different if we were truly determining the events of our lives?  It is very obvious that our lives are being greatly influenced if not totally controlled by outside forces.

So, you ask, what then is the point in it all?  Why this essay?  Why make the effort to be good?  Why not just live fast, love hard and die young?  You are what you are and your not going to deviate from it.  We are here to experience duality in a life chosen by the Almighty.  Let us kick off our shoes, be acutely aware and accept is as it unfolds.   Does it really matter whether or not we are in control?   What difference does it really make if we get over there and realize that, hey, we weren’t really in control afterall?  Will we not just laugh and say, I sure as hell thought I was.

I tend to believe that our thought processes are essentially stimulated by our conditioning, that is, all our biases, acquired habits, inherited tendencies, etc.  Whether they originate in our brains or flow from a field of consciousness beyond physicality is immaterial.

Personally, I love Alan Watts philosophy on the subject.   Although now diseased he has some good Youtube videos and other books and essays on the Internet I find most informative.  There is only NOW and our only real concern should be in total awareness and acceptance of “what is”.   The problem is that our thinking is much too focused on worrying about the past or future.  Most of that thinking is useless and can be dumped right now.  We were put here to experience this life and can best do so by releasing useless thinking and being acutely aware of NOW.

To me, faith is accepting what is and trusting that which put me here to provide for me.  That amounts to a very big step but results in the release of all fear along with the tearing down of all the walls of protection we expend so much energy maintaining.

Other sources I find informative on the subject are any of Krishnamurti’s books or Story Waters, “You are God, Get over it”.  Also, Story Waters has many Youtube videos.