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It all boils down to your concept of God and love.  If you can accept a perfect, Divine, omniscient, omnipotent creator plagued with anthropomorphic emotions and creating that which causes IT disappointment, anger, frustration, unhappiness, etc. then you can probably accept one of the popular religions.  If you can accept that love can create sentient beings and then reject and separate them to eternal suffering, then you can probably devise all sorts of conventions to align your ingrained beliefs to generally accepted hand-me-down dogma.

However, if you’re like me and find the above unacceptable because of inherent contradiction, then you may want to consider the Eastern philosophies which a few thousand years ago recognized that all is one expressing via experiences in and through each of us.  In other words, we are IT and are precisely that which God chose to experience in this particular life.  However, we must be very careful in stating such lest the same fate befall us as did Jesus.  He was killed because of his statement, “the Father and I are one”.