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According to the three major religions of the West, we are all separate from God and from each other.  God is evaluating everyone’s behavior and is going to reject a large part if not most of His creation.  Depending on which religion you subscribe to, yours He accepts and rejects the others.

If God is separate then boundaries have to exist defining Him.  He cannot be infinite.  That which is limited with boundary cannot be limitless or infinite.  There cannot be anything separate from the infinite or one would infringe on the other and no infinite could be possible.  So, if God is separate something must contain Him/Her/It.  What could that be?  Would it have boundaries?

Furthermore, if we believe God exists and authored creation, what existed before anything was created?  It must have been only Spirit/Consciousness/Intelligence/Awareness.  Such would have had to have been “All that is”.  So, when Consciousness chose to express through creation such would have to have been from within.  There would have been no other options.  IT could not have created outside Itself because nothing else existed.  Something must exist as “All that is” without boundary or limitation.

Can we not conclude that there can be no boundaries and no separation?  The Eastern religions concluded a few thousand years ago that there can be no separation but God is all and all is God expressing.