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ImageLet’s face it, the world is a mess, getting worse all the time and seems likely to self destruct soon if something doesn’t change.  With the explosion of technology advancing exponentially now almost by the hour who knows the potential of advancing weaponry development.  Is it not obvious that religion has not been helpful but as much the problem as the solution?  They preach love but promote fear.  They fear the other is going to get the upper hand and quickly justify killing to preserve their own beliefs.

Is this really what God is all about?  Have we not totally humanized God?  On the one hand we claim He is love and on the other believe He is rejecting most of His creation.  We say He is perfect and omniscient and on the other view Him as an emotional basket case, happy when someone is “saved” and unhappy when someone sins.  He is perfect but has created a world that causes Him constant frustration and anger.  He is love and omniscient but at the same time totally disappointed in the way things have turned out.  He can see quite well that His creation is failing in that He is creating more suffering than bliss but even so just keeps right on pouring millions more each year into the same awful mess.

I know these words will not suit many, particularly those who think He is to be found in a Sunday morning structure or is so insecure as to require worship, but this is much too important to pussyfoot around about.  It’s time to rise above ingrained beliefs, separateness of nationality, religion, etc. and discover the more truthful and genuine meaning of God and love.