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Well,  I’m just stupid enough to believe I can prove by deductive reasoning  that God exists.  However, IT is not a separate being, watching,  judging, etc.  All is God and God is all.  Now for the proof.  (laugh if  you will)There has to be an Infinite, it seems to me.   Otherwise, what exists beyond the boundaries?  I have had some say,  well, nothing, of course.  That is not possible.  If there are  boundaries, something has to contain them and to say that nothing  contains something is an oxymoron and illogical.  Taking this reasoning a  bit further, we can conclude that nothing could possibly exist separate  from the infinite.  If it did, one would infringe on the other and no  infinite could be possible.  There can be no two “somethings” and be an  infinite, it seems to me.  Consequently, only infinite “Oneness” can  possibly exist.AND, since we have awareness/intelligence what  else can that one be?  Furthermore, nothing can exist separate from  Consciousness/Intelligence.  If it did, Consciousness could not be  aware of it.  Put another way, if we think in terms of creation, what  existed before anything was created?  Only Consciousness/Intelligence  I think.  If so, It could not have possibly created outside, separate  or apart from Itself and have awareness of it.  And since IT was “all  there was”, it would be impossible to create anything separately because  IT was “all that is”.  Or, put another way, nothing could possibly be  added or subtracted from “all that is”

I do not believe it  logical to believe that nothing could have produced intelligence by some  random spontaneous quirk.  That would put us back to the oxymoron of  nothing producing something.

My reasoning then is that nothing  has ever been created or destroyed and there cannot possibly exist any  boundaries which, or course, rules out physicality and leaves only  Infinite intelligence expressing through some sort of illusion or  dreamlike projection.  Furthermore, I believe we can conclude that we  cannot be separate individuals.  We think we are separate because we are  limited to physicality and view what appears to be boundaries of each  others bodies, etc.  But we have no such experience of boundaries of our  consciousnesses.  If we were indeed separate, we could have no  awareness of each other or anything else for that matter.   I do not  believe we are “individuals” but experiences of the Almighty and will be  reabsorbed by IT by awakening to what we really are.

As far as  science goes, I would hate to think I was limiting my spirituality based  on what physicality has or will ever prove with their test tubes,  microscopes and double blind experiments. However, Einstein concluded in  his later years that time and space are illusions.  If time and space  are illusions, matter and all physicality would have to be as well being  included.

There is no past or future.  Everything exists now  from the big bang to whatever we may next experience.  There is only NOW  and HERE. There is no beginning or end.  ALL, IT simply IS.

I  guess the larger question is, does it matter?  I think it matters a great  deal.  To me it explains everything, since we are one, what we do to the  other we do to ourselves.  If I cheat, hate, hurt or kill you, I am  doing it to myself and will at some point have to experience the same.   As we come to realize the implications of this, it will change human  nature for much the better.  I would even go so far as to suggest that  all human suffering is simply the balancing of that which each has  created.

Further that this philosophy embodies the essence of  what the great spiritual sages have taught when stripped of human  interpretation, manipulation and opinion.  Jesus taught to do unto  others as you wish done unto you and the Buddha, never do harm to  another.  In fact the Buddha, taught the same to be the end of  suffering.