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Some religions believe God created humanity because He desired fellowship but even though He is omniscient, had to test each to determine worthiness.  Those who pass are greatly rewarded and the rest must suffer eternally even though they did not ask to be created. Not only did they not ask to be created but found themselves here incapable of living sinless or meeting God’s standard but were required to ask for forgiveness for the way they were created.

Now things get really scary.  This God is an emotional basket case, happy when someone does good and sad when not.  He even has a tendency to become angry and jealous and is so insecure that He requires worship under the threat of severe suffering for failure to do so.

And we call it love.  Furthermore, the belief is that God does not condemn anyone but those who fail choose hell by not listening to God.  Do you know anyone who has or is choosing an eternal hell?  Some have said to me, “well, they may not realize it but they are making that choice by not listening”.  If such is the case, they are making their decision out of ignorance or without understanding because absolutely no one would make such a decision willfully.  And a God that would condemn and horribly punish those who fail by misunderstanding would be a most dreadful and unloving creator imaginable.

One would wonder why omniscient perfection would create such misery for Itself.  Maybe we have misunderstood what God is all about and He really is love, huh?