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We are taught that man is given complete freedom but is a sinner by choice and has consequently condemned himself until he accepts God’s remedy.  Let’s take a closer look.

I suggest that according to Christianity there is no freedom.  First, we’ll consider the choice of sin.  According to the Bible, man is incapable of living a sinless life regardless how hard he tries or desires to do so.  Consequently, where then is the choice?

Secondly, let us consider the idea of acceptance of God’s plan of salvation.  The belief teaches that we are free to choose to accept or not.  However, the teaching is that accepting means great reward and rejection means terrible suffering.  That is the same “freedom” a thief, with gun in hand, gives his victim when he demands his wallet or take a bullet to the chest.  In my mind that is coercion, not freedom.  That is exactly the same freedom King Nebuchadnezzar gave his people when he said, worship me or face the fiery furnace.

Would love really resort to force or coercion for followers?