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ImageFrom where do negative emotions arise?  Are they not from wishing things were different?  But is that not wishing for the impossible?  What is, IS.  Our negativity may arise from regrets about the past, from disappointment of what we are now experiencing or worries for the future.  In either case, what possible good is disappointment, worry or resistance?  Carl Jung said, “that which we resist, persists”, and he was, of course, absolutely correct.  As Eckhart Tolle points out, there is only NOW.  Worries and concerns about past and future are not relevant Now.  Yes we should make plans but not from a worried or apprehensive state of mind.

A friend who is a retired psychologist tells the story of a woman he treated who had suffered from severe depression for many years over some past events in her life.  He reassured and reminder her that concerns about the past are completely useless and only spoil our NOW and that every NOW is opportunity for a fresh start.  She had an almost immediate recovery trading her depression for happy expectation.