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This whole idea of science postulating on the origin of intelligence seems a bit ridiculous to me.  How would science have any clue of that which is well beyond their scope of knowledge?  Proof or evidence is limited to the physical.  Science is limited to the physical and intelligence is not physical. Science cannot slice off a bit of intelligence, poke it into their test tube and do a few double blind experiments.  Science can conclude that physicality could very well have evolved as it has without a higher intelligence.  Even if such was possible does that prove or suggest that it could not have evolved as it did with intelligence?  These are ridiculous conclusions and questions that science will never have the means to answer.

Science asks, if intelligence authored this universe, why so much suffering, wrong, etc.  The way I see it is, Consciousness chose to express and that required contrast or duality.  Hence, the universe and opposites.  There can be no up without down, good without bad, etc. etc.

This existence presents us with two phenomena, the physical and mental.  The physical is obviously made of parts with observable boundaries and limitations.   The mental presents no such definable boundaries or limits.  The physical is simply energy vibrating at different frequencies.  The closer you are able to observe two objects the more the same they appear.  It is all the same stuff, Conscious Energy manifesting or masquerading as form.   Energy also is beyond the scope of science.  The many different forms that energy assumes can be studied but not energy itself.

Since Intelligence, Awareness and Energy present no definable limits or boundaries, I will assume them infinite until evidence to the contrary is presented which will never happen.

At the very basic level of physicality are atomic particles which sometimes are and sometimes are not but appear as waves.  Furthermore they change from apparent mass to pure energy from observation or the attempt to measure them.  Science cannot predict which state they will be at any given time and conclude that such determination is impossible and can only resort to probabilities for which will be their state at any point in time.  Science cannot even prove that the physical exists.  And yet limit their studies to such.


Science cannot understand the basics of physicality let alone the unfathomable aspects of existence as Energy/Intelligence/Awareness.  And, I’m supposed to have confidence in their concepts of the origin of the universe?  They study an intelligent orderly universe under the assumption that there is no intelligent design and conclude that hey, random happenstance created intelligence and order.

Trying to comprehend how we got here by studying physicality while denying higher intelligence is like a movie goer trying to figure out how the pictures got there by studying the screen and flashes of light and denying the possible existence of a projector somewhere in the house.

The  problem with science is that their entire focus is on that which is  illusion or unreal while denying the only aspects of reality that are  real.  Physicality is only projections of infinite Awareness/Intelligence/Energy.  Time and space do not really exist.


Frankly, I consider science a rather weak source on the question of origin and would be more interested in the ideas of a backwoods lumberjack who is close to nature and attuned to his inspirations and intuition.  At least the lumberjack doesn’t limit his concepts to the physical and limited.

The Physical realm does not exist outside of the observers perceptions?

Finally, I am not depreciating science here and am most appreciative and supportive of all science has contributed to physicality but at the same time am aware of its limitations as far as spirituality is concerned.

There is only Consciousness and Now.  There are no limits or boundaries to Consciousness.  Where does mine end and your begin?  Obviously consciousness cannot be limited to our bodies.  If it was we could not be aware of anything else.  There are no limits to Now.  Where does Now begin and end.  It does not, of course.   It is eternal.  There are no yesterdays or tomorrows, past or future.  It all comes and goes in the Now.

Consciousness constitutes All-that-is, is infinite and eternal.  Nothing has ever been developed, created or destroyed or ever will be.  Nothing could be added or subtracted from All-that-is.

We are not separate beings.  There is no separation.  If the infinite exists there can be nothing else or any separate things, if there was, one would infringe upon the other and no infinite could be possible.  We are not individuals but individual experiences of the One expressing.  We are not the egos that identify as Tom Jones or Mary Smith.  Egos likewise are mere projections or the vehicles which transport each individual experience from one to the other.

Since time does not exists and there is only Now, that means that everything is happening simultaneously now from the big bang to whatever we have yet to experience. The civil war is raging, dinosaurs are devouring smaller prey, Tchaikovsky is busily composing the first movement of piano concerto and we are ascended to sublimity beyond any imagination of this experience.

It is as if a giant map exists extending to the infinite in all directions and includes every possible event or experience.  We are exploring it with a hand held magnifying glass.  As we move the glass new details emerge but the entire map exist always.  What we experience depends on our location on the map.


Since there is no time there is no evolution either Biblical or otherwise.  There is only Infinite Intelligence expressing through infinite experience and we are IT.