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One of my favorite authors and teachers in Rupert Spira.  I first became acquainted with him through his book “The Transparency of Things”.

Mr. Spira is a teacher of the non-duality philosophy which essentially says that there is no separation, no objects, no people, etc., just awareness or “knowing”.

He points out that all we experience actually takes place at the level of the mind or sensory perception.  For instance, if we see or hear a car over there, it is the mind that interprets both the object and the distance.  At first glance this seems obvious but the non-dualist point out that there is no actual experience of the car or distance.  They further point out that although we tend to think we are located somewhere in a body looking out at the world, in reality we experience the body the same way we do the world, simply by perceptions of the mind.

The closer you are able to view two objects the more they appear the same.  It is all the same “stuff”, energy vibrating at different frequencies.  You touch an object and it feels quite firm or maybe soft.  But if you could view what is actually happening through a powerful enough microscope, you would see only atomic particles closing the gap and the repulsion of electromagnetic forces creating the sensation of touch.  At least that is my understanding of it, as I quickly admit to being no scientist.  But I am thoroughly convinced that there really is no Tom or Mary, just Tom and Mary experiences.  I believe there is only Consciousness expressing through physicality.

So, at this point I’ll just turn you over to Mr. Spira’s Website for your considerations.

The link below is from a question and answer lecture he was presenting.  This will direct you to his Website which I think you will find quite interesting and informative.