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The common conception of God is a separate “Almighty” creating a universe with an infinite variety of life and objects.  This God has peopled his creation and given each free will to chose to live whatever sort of life they wish.  More importantly, the free will to acknowledge and accept His will or to refuse it.

Being raised a Southern Baptist and serving as Deacon for the first half of this life, I accepted and taught the belief for many years.  But as time passed, the less sense it made to me and I am now convinced that it or any of the other religions based on a separate God cannot be a true representation of what God is about.  I could no longer accept love creating sentient beings and then condemning them to eternal suffering.  No loving parent would even think such a thing and certainly no loving creator would.  Or the belief that Jesus voluntarily gave his life to save God’s creation.  This implies that God was just indiscriminately creating humans incapable of meeting His standard and condemning every one until Jesus decided to do something about it.  Makes absolutely no sense to me!  As far as I’m concerned, it is a gross humanization and desecration of both God and love.

Now to the question, is God limited.  Most who believe in God, regardless which religion, believe God to be infinite, without limit, boundary, etc.  Yet if God is limitless and without boundary, He cannot at the same time be separate.  If God is separate from me, there has to be a boundary separating us which not only makes God limited but belittles Him/Her/It as well.  If God and His created are all separate things with boundaries, what exists beyond the boundaries?  Logic suggest there must be an infinite, does it not?  If the infinite exists, there can be nothing else.  If there was, one would infringe upon the other and no infinite could be possible.

I believe this point can also be made by considering the idea of creation.  What existed before God created anything?  Only God, right?  God was all.  But logic tells me that it is impossible to add or subtract from “all that is”.

So, I conclude there cannot possibly be separation or boundaries.  God is all and all is God.  There is only Consciousness/Intelligence/Awareness and we are IT.  Some ask, why then is there evil and suffering?  My belief is that Consciousness chose to express which required contrast, hence the universe and physicality.  I believe we are all aspects of the Whole, not as individuals but individual experiences.  It is my belief that we will continue to advance to higher and higher levels of sublimity as we gain greater understanding of what it is all about.

I am most impressed with the writing and teaching of Rupert Spira and share his homepage link below.  Or you can find many Youtube videos by searching the name.