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It seems rather obvious to me that we are when we consider that on one really knows just what this existence is all about.  Here we are in a marvelous universe of immense complexity, yet no one really knows.  Most everyone thinks they do or at least have a very good idea about it.  We have almost endless religions each totally convinced that they are the only ones God has correctly informed and chosen.  All the rest are being rejected and condemned by this loving God.  One on my favorite quotes, “Everyone is going to hell according to someone’s religion”.

It seems the major religions believe in a separate God who created beings with free will and even though this God is love He is going to judge and condemn a large portion of His creation to eternal suffering.  Being raised a fundamentalist Christian this belief is the one I am most familiar but have since become aware of its absurdity.  It claims Jesus voluntarily died to save God’s creation.  If Jesus ever faced such a decision, it implies that a loving God was indiscriminately creating sentient humans incapable of meeting His standard and condemning every one of them to eternal suffering until Jesus decided to do something about the awful mess God was making.   Islam and Judaism are just as contradictory and absurd.

Others who consider themselves more intelligent or less influenced by hand-me-down beliefs tend to look down on those believing in a God or higher intelligence and either claim that none exists or that it cannot be established one way or the other.  However, the thing I have observed about this group is that they invariably ignore the very essence of existence and focus entirely on the physical.  Existence presents two phenomena, the physical and the non-physical.  The physical being that which is limited with definable boundaries and consisting of composition or molecular structure.  The non-physical being that of Awareness/Intelligence/Energy and obviously the very essence of existence.   Science can study that which energy is doing but not energy itself.  Actually, they cannot even study what it is doing but only what it has done because by the time a thought registers the event is in the past.  Science can study that which awareness is aware but not awareness itself.  Science can study that which intelligence defines as physicality but not intelligence itself.  The physical is the mere product of the non-physical or put another way, what is the physical without the non-physical.  The Infinite creates the finite, not the other way around.  I was having a discussion just a few days ago with an avid atheist.  He said to me, “I see absolutely no evidence of anything beyond the physical and defy you or any other theist to offer me even a shred of evidence that such exists”.    I said, “certainly, the very thought that expresses your doubt is beyond the physical”.  He said no more.

We exist in a phenomena of awareness and intelligence and that in itself is a most magnificent marvel.  At the same time we are aware of complexity and intricacies far beyond human understanding which to my logic implies the existence of something much greater.

Yet this something, has chosen to not make a clear revelation of just what the heck is going on here.  Why?
I have some thoughts on this answer which will follow shortly but would like to hear yours as well.  I invite you to share here.  Let’s kick this around a bit, huh?