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Reminds me of some early school days.  God, how I wish I had paid more attention to the instruction instead of trying to impress the pretty girls sitting close to me.  As it turned out, I failed both at impressing the pretty girls and learning math.   But in spite of my misuse of time, I did come away with at least one lesson well learned, we can simplify things considerably by cutting away the meaningless chafe.

How can we apply that lesson to life?  When you stop to think about it, all we ever have is now, this present moment.  We may have positive or negative thoughts of our past and whatever anxieties about the future but all that “stuff” is chafe.  We can only always respond to NOW.  I say respond to, not change or alter in any way shape or form.  Whatever is, IS.  Our only REAL choice in life is how we respond to “what is”, NOW.  I am free to laugh or cry, it has absolutely no effect on what is, the only effect is on my personal emotional status.

Yes, there are countless religions, philosophies, teachers, preachers, books, articles, etc. etc..  Throw it all in the trash can.  Does any of it really matter?  No matter what I believe, think, read or do, it all has absolutely nothing to do with what I am experiencing, NOW.   Now cannot be changed!!!  What is, IS!   My only option is to accept or resist.  Carl Jung observed, “what we resist, persists”.

If I accept what is gratefully as that which is handed me from beyond, I remain content, my cellular level remains harmonious and impervious to negative attack.  .  If I am disgruntled and desirous of something different, I am not content.  There is disturbance at the cellular level and my immune system is weakened or compromised.

Did we create “what is” or do we influence our next “what is”?  That is another subject or a coming post for discussion and contemplation.