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One of my recent posts posed the question, “are we duped?   I concluded that since no one really knows, surely we must be”.  Previous to that post, I asked the question, are we really in control?  I now add the question, where do our thoughts originate?

I have no idea what my next thought will be, do you?  This existence presents us with only two phenomena, the physical and the non-physical.  The physical being that which is composed of molecular structure and the non-physical, that of Energy/Awareness/Intelligence, the essence of existence.  The physical being a product of the non-physical.  The brain being physical and thought non-physical, I really do not believe that the physical ever creates the non-physical.  In other words, I do not believe a brain ever created a thought.  What about you?

Are we controlling our thoughts?  Have you ever tried to stop or even slow the flow of thoughts?  If we are controlling them, would we not be decided them before hand?  All of us experience thoughts we would rather not have but they appear anyway.   If we were controlling them wouldn’t we be able to stop the incessant flow?  Would we not be planning them in advance?

If we are not controlling our thoughts, what are we controlling?  What else is there really?

I am going to suggest that out thoughts flow from beyond or come from the same Source that brought us here in the first place.  We did not choose to be here.  We did not choose our parents, siblings, where or when we were born, where we lived, etc. etc.  We did not choose our genetics, inherent tendencies, etc.  We had no control of our early formative years which largely determined our current status or beliefs.  We did not choose our gender, eye color, appearance, health, etc. etc.  We do not now control the millions of bodily functions that sustain our life.  We do not control all those little unexpected events occurring continually in our lives, we do not control when or where we expire.

Maybe I’m missing something here, what are your thoughts regardless where they are coming from, huh?