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Just maybe the way we live this life isn’t about reward and punishment in the end.  Maybe it is about experience.  Maybe there is no individual decision maker here.

I did not decide or choose to be born.  I did not decide where or when I was born, who were my parents, siblings, etc.  I did not choose my gender, hair or eye color.  I do not control the millions of bodily functions keeping my body alive every second.  I do not choose when or how I die.

I believe I am creating thought but am I really?  I have no idea what will be my next thought. If I am choosing or generating my own thoughts, why do I not know them in advance?  Why can I not stop the incessant flow of thoughts?

I believe I am making constant choices between many options, but am I really?   Every decision I make is based on the circumstances at hand or “what is”.  Since “what is” cannot be changed or affected in any way, was a different decision ever in the picture in the first place?  Furthermore, if thought is flowing from beyond, then obviously, so are decisions.

Is the brain a meat computer?  Or is it just membrane and cellular structure sensitive to electrical activity?  Is that electrical activity generated within or without? I do not believe the physical ever creates the mental and the brain is physical while thought is mental.  Maybe our thoughts flow from the same Source that brought us here in the first place.  Some say, well the brain is obviously in control, just look at those who have brain damage and notice the lack of function.  But if Source is creating us and the life we live in such a manner as to appear real to us, would IT not also create the physical and mental conditions to make it all fall reasonably into place?

There is only NOW.  That means that everything is happening now from the big bang to the cell phone.  The Civil war is raging, dinosaurs are devouring smaller prey. World war 1 is raging as is world war 3 and 4. Tchaikovsky is busily composing the third movement of piano concerto.  We simply have been allotted this particular experience.

All experience is occurring simultaneously now as the One expresses through infinite experience.  There is no Tom or Mary, only Tom and Mary experiences.  All must happen.  There had to be a Hitler.  There had to be a Billy Graham.  No one chose either.  There is no separate God, sin, judgment, punishment or reward.  There is no fault or blame.  There is no one to be proud or superior.  There is no one to be inferior or ashamed.

You may be thinking, are you saying no one is personally responsible for their actions?  I just do whatever and consider it all fate?  We are what we are.  Most of us feel responsibility and will act accordingly.  If we are irresponsible we will act accordingly.  I do not believe anyone is changing anything by trying.  It all boils down to where thought originates.  If we are actually generating our own thought, then yes, we keep trying to improve.  If, however, our thought is flowing from beyond, trying to change or improve is simply resisting “what is”.

In my opinion, there is only “what is”.  We cannot influence, change, or alter it in any way.  If we have any control whatsoever, it is only in how we respond to what is.  Either we accept that which cannot be different or we resist.  Acceptance means contentment while resistance means discontent.  Carl Jung said, “that which we resist, persists”.

God is all and all is God.

There is only Consciousness.

I know not what or how this “knowing or awareness” will evolve after this experience expires but this I do know, at least to my own satisfaction.  That is, that there is only Consciousness and the eternal now and I AM…..IT.