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I just read the excerpt from the new book,  “Wisdom without Answers”.  The authors discuss and conclude that it is impossible to prove the afterlife.  Of course, it is.  Proof is limited to the purely physical and life is not physical although we allow ourselves to be deluded into believing it is.   I believe the much larger question here is, is there proof that anyone has been born or died?

What is life?  Is life a beating heart, lungs inhaling and exhaling, blood circulating, muscles expanding and contracting and electrical activity within the tissue of a brain?  Or is life awareness and knowing?  One can slay a human body but who or when was the awareness and knowing of it ever buried?  When has Consciousness ever been threatened or destroyed?   From whence comes the awareness and knowing of an infant?

This existence presents us with two phenomena, the physical and the non-physical.  The physical being that which is limited with definable boundaries and consisting of composition or molecular structure.  The non-physical being that of Awareness/Intelligence/Energy and obviously the very essence of existence.

The physical is the mere product of the non-physical.   Considering the totality again of this existence, what is the physical without the non-physical?  We can take away the physical and the essence of existence remains.  Take away the non-physical and there is nothing.  The Infinite creates the finite, not the other way around.

Proof is limited to the purely physical.  Actually, in reality, there is no proof of anything, not even the physical.  Science cannot prove the physical exist.   At the quantum level things become weirdly unpredictable and mysterious and many physicists now are becoming mystics as they realize how limited and finite is human understanding compared to the essence of existence.   Quotes of some of the most notable physicists follow.

Pascual Jordan “Observations not only disturb what is to be measured, they produce it.”

“I can’t accept quantum mechanics because I like to think the moon is there even if I am not looking at it.”  Albert Einstein.

“The atoms or elementary particles themselves are not real; they form a world of potentialities or possibilities rather than one of things or facts.” Werner Heisenberg ”

Anyone not shocked by quantum mechanics has not yet understood it.” Niels Bohr

“When the province of physical theory was extended to encompass microscopic phenomena through the creation of quantum mechanics, the concept of consciousness came to the fore again. It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to the consciousness.”  Eugene Wigner

“In the beginning there were only probabilities. The universe could only come into existence if someone observed it. It does not matter that the observers turned up several billion years later. The universe exists because we are aware of it.” Martin Rees.

“Nobody understands quantum mechanics.”  Richard Feynman

“Is it not good to know what follows from what, even if it is not necessary FAPP? [FAPP is Bell’s disparaging abbreviation of “for all practical purposes.”] Suppose for example that quantum mechanics were found to resist precise formulation. Suppose that when formulation beyond FAPP is attempted, we find an unmovable finger obstinately pointing outside the subject, to the mind of the observer, to the Hindu scriptures, to God, or even only Gravitation? Would that not be very, very interesting?”  John Bell

Not only is science incapable of proving the existence of the physical but what proof that does exist points to its non-existence.  There is no physical universe and no human bodies.  No one has been born or died.  That which we observe as physicality is merely the perception of the senses or put another way, the projection of Consciousness as IT expresses through the illusion of form and duality.

There ain’t no dead people.  There ain’t no live people.  There ain’t no people

There is no time or space, only the infinite.  There is no past or future, only the eternal now.

There is no afterlife or before life, there is only eternal life!

So, no, the finite will never prove the infinite. Can awareness be proven?  The truly magnificent cannot be proven but stands as logically self evident.   Just as we cannot prove the infinite but realize it exists because if not what exist beyond the boundaries?

Consciousness is not limited by time or space and certainly not a bag of skin.