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Well, It depends on how you define people.  Are people physical bodies or Consciousness?   A physical body is nothing more than just another object, like a rock, tree, car, etc.   Physicality is nothing but vibrating energy at different frequencies.  Life is not about a beating heart or electrical activity in a brain. Life is awareness and knowing or Consciousness or that which enlivens and animates the purely physical.  Our problem is that we focus almost entirely on the physical which is nothing but meaningless objects.  The essence of existence is Consciousness.  This existence presents us with two phenomena, the physical and the non physical.  The physical being that which is limited, quantifiable, has boundaries, can be analyzed, etc.  The non physical being Consciousness and the very essence of existence and beyond the scope of science or human understanding.  Science is limited to the purely physical.  Proof is limited to the purely physical.  In fact, in reality, there is no proof of anything.  Much of which is proven today is found to be false tomorrow.  The essence of existence is Consciousness which needs no proof but is self evident. 

People come and go.  Bodies are buried but who ever buried their Consciousness or can attest to its demise as well?  Who can explain it?  Who has ever traced it?  From whence it cometh or goeth?

We are not temporary bodies experiencing temporary Consciousness but infinite and eternal Consciousness experiencing temporary bodies.