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Much has been said about karma. The main explanation I have found is that there is no supreme being judging and holding our sins, mistakes or evil deeds against us. Now, having said there is no supreme being, let me hurry on to say there is supreme Consciousness which is infinite and eternal and we are IT. However, IT is not judging or condemning. It is simply a matter of universal law or the old adage of reaping what we sow. When we do anything that causes hurt or distress against another we do it to ourselves. We will have consequences to face invariably. When we do harm to another, engage in greed, selfishness, etc. there is a resultant negative emotion that develops within our inner being. Those emotions build and affect our relationships. Our sense of self worth diminishes and we begin to fault find or measure ourselves to others to compensate our value relative to them, etc.

I think many times these emotions lay hidden in our subconscious. We’ve all read how regression hypnotists sometimes can take people back to uncover and erase the emotional effects of some of those events. I am going to suggest that we do not really need regression therapy but can simply forgive ourselves once we come to the correct realization of this experience.

To be truly free, content and happy we must be pure of heart. But no one is completely pure of heart. However, once we finally come to the realization that there is nothing worthwhile to be gained by greed, taking from or hurting another or attachment to worldly things, we can then forgive others for their ignorance as well as ourselves and make it all go away.

In my opinion the secret to peace, contentment and happiness is as follows:

1 The decision to be so.
2 Total acceptance of what is
3 Living in the NOW
4 Being aware of the NOW experience
5 Total and complete surrender to that which is sustaining us and this marvelous existence.