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No one chose to be Tom or Mary or Adolph Hitler or Billy Graham or Albert Einstein. Each just appeared and fulfilled that experience. No one chose the circumstances of their formative years that shaped the resulting adult. No one chose which culture or religious affiliation to which he/she would be most exposed or influenced by. The experience just happened. No one knows why each happened. No one knows just why or how each experience developed. No one chose to be born. No one is controlling the millions of bodily functions sustaining us every minute. No one is controlling all those unexpected events occurring daily in our lives. No one knows if there is individual selection or to what degree. No one knows if there is an independent thinker or doer.

Where do thoughts originate? Is your brain generating thought? If we are generating our thought, why do we not know them in advance? We have not the slightest idea of what will be our next thought. How could we possibly be generating them not knowing them in advance? If we are generating our thoughts, why do we have those we would rather not.

“My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know it exists.” Nikola Tesla

Does the physical ever create the mental? Is not the body and brain mere objects? The brain is of the very same substance as a rock, a tree or a car. It is all vibrating energy. It is all Consciousness, God or whatever you wish to call IT. There is every bit as much Consciousness in a rock, a car or space as in a brain. All of physicality, whether organic or material, is the same stuff, energy vibrating at different frequencies. It is all molecular structure composed of subatomic particles or rather that which appears as particles to an observer. Science and quantum mechanics now have come to realize that there are no particles after all. In reality, there are no material objects. Energy forms that which appears as physicality as the observer observes, or in accordance to the observers expectations. But which came first, the observation or the expectation? All of physicality is the mere projection of Consciousness manifesting as the play of sensory perception.

I know not the answers, but of this I’m sure, at least to my own satisfaction. There is no separation or separate beings or individuals. There is only Consciousness manifesting through infinite and unique expressions which we as individual aspects of IT experience as this magnificent and marvelous universe. Bodies are buried but no one ever buried the Consciousness. We are not temporary bodies experiencing temporary consciousness but infinite and eternal Consciousness experiencing temporary bodies. We are not Tom and Mary individuals but Tom and Mary experiences. Everything is the expression of the ONE.

If the ONE is only perfection and goodness, Why is there sickness, evil, etc.? Expression requires contrast, contrast requires opposites, etc. We could not appreciate wellness without sickness or happiness without sadness, etc. If the ONE is the sole creator and is perfect, why did he create evil and imperfection? Perhaps He didn’t and it is all the mere temporary projection of infinite experience. Just as a movie has no reality except as images appearing on a screen, experience has no reality except as expression just as a thought of a new car has no reality except as perhaps creation of a pleasant emotion. Evil and the Devil exists only as we create them by our concepts or beliefs. God really is perfect and really is love but we don’t really believe it or we wouldn’t be accusing IT of condemnation and horrible eternal suffering. Such are not characteristic of freedom, love and perfection. Such belief is both blatant contradiction and blatant desecration of both love and God. God is not a creator of failures, refuse and rejects or a failed creation.

Consciousness is ONE and cannot be separate. It has no boundaries. If Consciousness is separate, as in bodies, where does yours end and mine begin? How are the boundaries defined? If our Consciousness is confined to an individual, how are we aware of each other? How could Consciousness be aware of anything outside itself?

God cannot be both separate and infinite. God cannot be both omnipresent and separate. It is impossible for the Infinite to create outside Itself or for the Omnipresent to create a separate entity. You may say, well, anything is possible with God, but God does not violate the very laws of reason and order IT established.

We believe we are the thinker, controller and doer but I seriously doubt it. I suspect it is all part of the game Consciousness is playing within Itself.