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If so, so are you! There can be only one infinite. Is God infinite? If so, you are God.  Obviously, there could be nothing separate from the infinite or one would infringe on the other and no infinite could be possible.

Is God separate? If so, He/She/It is limited with boundary. If God is separate, what existed before creation? Only God, right? Or put another way, God was all that existed. If God was all that existed, nothing could possibly be added or subtracted from “all that is”.  Is God omnipresent?  If so all must exist within IT.

God is all and all is God!  You and I are the senses of God expressing and experiencing His/Her creation.  The Infinite could not express or experience as ONE because there could be no comparisons, opposites or contrast, hence the universe.

It takes very little reasoning to realize that there cannot possibly be separation or a separate you and I or a separate you and God.

You may say, well you are trying to explain God which is vastly beyond your capability and you are quite correct. However, God does not violate the very principles of reason and logic He established. How could one ever decipher between the thousands of beliefs if one did not resort to reason and logic? Would God expect otherwise? Would God expect us to just accept a belief because it happens to be the one taught in our cultural or geographical location?.  One only need to look at the world to realize that beliefs, religions, faiths, etc. are by and large grouped by culture or upbringing and hardly reflect a balanced “saved” or “unsaved”.  Regardless of which religion one advocates, virtually everyone is sincere in wishing to serve their creator.  Again, it takes little reasoning to realize that love would not reject true sincerity.

Nothing new being presented here.  This philosophy has been around for thousands of years and longer than most religions and I strongly suspect it is much closer to what Jesus was actually trying to teach than what the churches are proclaiming.

I know this won’t set well with many ingrained beliefs but churches are where ingrained beliefs are shared.  I try real hard to avoid such here.  Sorry if it offends.  🙂