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Someone sent me a link about a new book, “Death of a Guru”.  It is a compelling story of a Hindu guru’s conversion to Christianity and points out the many inconsistencies of the Hindu religion and rejects the belief that God is all and all is God.  I posted the following comment.

Thank you for sharing. This points out many inconsistencies in the Hindu religion. However I believe the same can be found in Christianity and others as well. As a former Christian, I do not believe that salvation is to be found in any “belief”. It makes absolutely no sense to me that a loving God would create sentient beings (humans) incapable of meeting His standard and condemn them for it or demand they seek his forgiveness for the way they were created. Such would not represent love or freedom. If one is given two choices, one leading to bliss and the other to destruction, such is not freedom but coercion. Such is not love but manipulation. Such implies escape from punishment for something one could not avoid through fear. Would love offer to “save” people by threatening eternal punishment? We say that Jesus “voluntarily died for our sins”. What if he hadn’t? God was busily creating humans and condemning every one until Jesus decided to do something about the awful mess God was making?

Saying that man’s dilemma is because God gave man freedom and man misused it by choosing sin makes no sense.  Man is incapable of living sinless, so where’s the free choice?  

People get caught up in endless concepts and ideas about what God is and one is as sincere as the other in wanting to serve and honor God. None, however, are condemned. Would love condemn misunderstanding? Love does not condemn. What loving parent would condemn a child regardless of conduct?

In my opinion, religions make a mockery of both God and love.

I am absolutely convinced that, indeed, there is only God and we are IT. The One could not express without contrast, hence duality, opposites, good, evil, hot, cold, etc. etc. In my opinion the great relief, awakening, or rising above suffering, dismay, seeking, etc. etc. is simply surrender to that which we really are in the abandonment of the ego, self seeking, greater attainment, etc. I do believe in Jesus but I do not believe he came as a sacrifice for sin but to demonstrate REAL love, surrender and non resistance.  Jesus knew what he really was, that he was not a body but indestructible and demonstrated it.

Eternity is not a future event. Eternity is without beginning or end. Eternity is now and forever. Now is without beginning or end and so are we. We do not exist in time and space but in the ever changing present moment merely as infinite unique experiences of the One, not individuals.