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Someone recently posted a YouTube video where they are offering $100,000 to anyone who can disprove or show evidence that God does not exist which has created a lot of controversy both ways.  My thoughts follow.

In the first place, most who believe in God believe in a separate God who created everything separate from Himself.  Then there are those like me who believe God is all and all is God.  Of course, we have the atheist who believe there is no God and the agnostics who believe there is no way or knowing one way or the other.

The problem here is that most focus entirely on the physical, the limited or the finite because we are limited to that capability in this particular physical experience. Proof or evidence is limited to the purely physical. We can prove a body or stone exists because we can see, measure, dissect, analyze, etc.  However, when it comes to the non-physical (Consciousness) there is no proof or physical evidence. 

The finite cannot prove the infinite, yet is it not obvious that the infinite exists? If not, what exist beyond the boundaries or limits? Who can explain it?

We cannot prove that Consciousness exists but is it not obvious that it does? Who can attest to the creation or demise of Consciousness? Who has traced it? Who has ever identified it? Who can explain it? Who can explain how it came into being? Consciousness is neither created or destroyed. It is not divisible or separated. It is all that really exists. It IS. Only the purely physical is created and destroyed.

Yes, atheist can tell us all about the purely physical and how physical life evolved from essentially nothing but show me one who can explain something about how their intelligence or awareness came about. Show me one who can fit that little phenomenon into the picture.  Yet what is existence without intelligence or consciousness?  Absolutely nothing.  How physicality evolved is absolutely meaningless in the larger scheme of existence.  The very essence of this existence is consciousness and no atheist knows squat about it.

Even most scientists now conclude that the physical does not actually exist, nor does time or space. The purely physical is merely a projection of Consciousness. The purely physical is of little consequence. The essence of existence is Consciousness and is completely beyond the scope of any human, atheist or whatever.

Is an atheist’s intelligence or awareness limited to a physical body or brain? If so, where does it reside and how is he aware of anything outside it? How could consciousness be aware of anything outside it’s boundary? Who can explain it? Yet we are aware of a universe but show me someone who can explain that awareness.

God is neither physical or finite. Consciousness or the essence of existence cannot be proven, not does it need to be. It is self evident.  One only need be intuitive enough to see beyond the limitations of pure physicality or to recognize an intelligence far greater than our own.

Of course, I could make the same offer for proof of no God but would not be so foolish. To believe only what can be proven is to limit one’s perspective to the limited or purely physical.

Only a fool would say, “show me proof of a God”.