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We are not beating our heart.  We are not breathing our breath.  We are not digesting our food.  We are not controlling the millions of bodily functions constantly maintaining our bodies.  We are not thinking our thoughts, they flow from beyond.  We do not choose them.  We did not choose to be born.

I believe the secret of happiness is accepting “what is” and realizing that we didn’t create it nor will we change it.  It will change because change is what this existence is all about but it is not a separate individual doing the changing.  The present moment cannot and could not be different from what it is.  It simply IS.

We are here to experience “what is”.  We are in a boat being carried along by the current past differing scenery called life.  We did not choose the boat and we’re not guiding it.

I like the way Joey Lott describes it and share his blog here.  Also, you might want to check out his books which are highly rated on Amazon.