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His post

An objection to Christianity I hear all the time is one that suggests faith is based less on reason and truth and more on geography, cultural influences, and traditions. In other words, if a person were to grow up in America they would likely be a Christian while a person growing up in Baghdad will likely be a Muslim.

While this argument might seem to have some merit, its true goal is to cast doubt on the truth of Christianity and question the intellectual honesty or intelligence of believers who claim to believe in Christianity based on the truth of its claims.

Surely, no one can take beliefs that were handed down to them by their parents seriously especially when there are so many religious options, can they?

While it is true that many people are guilty of clinging to a belief simply because their family or culture is closely tied to it, the Bible explicitly cautions against doing so (Mark 7:8-13).

My response

Your reasoning here seems to me very shallow and does more to weaken your argument than strengthen it. As a former Christian and Southern Baptist Deacon for many years, I see no validity to your statements. Regardless ones faith, he sees it as truth just as you do yours. You say, test it against the truth, fine, what are the results of your tests that would differ from the faith of another? When I test Christianity against truth it fails miserably. It does not begin to meet the basic requirements of consistency without contradiction.

You say, those who point out that people tend to cling to their cultural upbringing are just trying to fault Christianity. Well, let’s just say they are simply pointing out that the belief is one big contradiction after another. Christianity portrays God as fair and just, which of course, He is but this point brings out that particular contradiction. If God is fair and just, then every human would have equal opportunity but if one simply looks at the world today, we see those who have accepted Jesus largely grouped geographically or culturally, hardly reflecting equality of opportunity.

Furthermore, regardless one’s religious belief, each are sincerely choosing to serve God as they best know how. To believe a loving merciful God would condemn people for sincere misunderstanding is to horribly desecrate both love and God!

It simply makes not a lick of sense. Look at the world the first thousand years or so after Jesus died, what about those on the other side of the globe, the millions of Asia, etc.?

Those who believe God only accepts people of a certain faith or religion are those who have yet to find truth and are themselves blind leaders of the blind. God is not a creator of refuse and rejects and love does not condemn.