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The religions scoff and accuse the Old Testament nations separate from Israel for their rejection of the true God because they worshiped man made idols.  But, come on, no one is fool enough to knowingly worship a false God.  Those people wanted to serve God as much as anyone else.  They simply were doing it the only way they knew how.

The fact is, we are doing the very same thing today, each worshiping his/her own concept of God, which in most cases is just as false as the “golden idol” of long ago.

By the same token, the “religious” claim those who do not share their beliefs are rejecting God when nothing of the sort is true.  What different people reject is differing beliefs.  No one is knowingly rejecting God.  No one is such a fool.  Even the atheists are not knowingly rejecting God, they do not believe He exists.  To some degree they are correct, “he” doesn’t exist as a separate being.  They ARE God, they just have yet to come to that realization.

Everyone is simply at their particular stage of knowing.  Love does not condemn and certainly it does not condemn sincerity regardless its stage of evolving.