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I think one of the main reasons many people tend to frown on Christians is their belief that they must convince others of their beliefs.  They believe only they know the truth and that God is leaving to the Christian part of His creation the burden of “saving” the rest.  This is not to say that Christians are not some of the most wonderful people in the world, they are, but they are simply misled.

No one is dependent upon another for truth or salvation!  Period.

Everyone believes they are right but that does not mean that each should convince the rest of his/her particular belief.

If the lost were dependent upon Christians, evangelism, etc., for salvation, no Christian should own a TV or recliner.  The world of lost souls needs to know.  Thousands are dying every hour.  If others are dependent upon me for my beliefs, I have no time for eating or sleeping, working or raising a family.  If in my whole life I save only one soul from hell, surely it would be worth it.  My what a terrible burden this loving God has placed on His chosen, according to the Christian belief.