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In my opinion the very worst habit afflicts much of humanity and they remain essentially unaware of it.

No, it’s not overeating.

Not smoking

Not gossiping

Not drinking

Not greed

Although, the above may not be good, what’s worse is…

The habit of letting circumstances establish or affect our moods, happiness, pleasantness, serenity, composure, etc.   We do not control events.  They happen.  We do, however, control how we respond, either with resistance or acceptance.  Happiness is not a matter of circumstances but a matter of choice.

What is, IS.  We cannot change or affect it in the slightest.

Whether you just won the lottery or just received notice from you doctor that you have liver cancer, what is, IS.  You can either gratefully accept or grudgingly resist.  Either way “what is” remains unchanged and unaffected.

The only thing we have the power to affect is our attitude to “what is” in the eternal NOW.

Perhaps our shifting to grateful acceptance of what is tends to reduce the other negativity.