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This existence presents us with two phenomena, the physical and the non-physical or put another way, the purely physical and Consciousness.  The physical being that which is evident to our senses, that which is limited, quantifiable and largely explainable.  The non-physical or Consciousness being that which is beyond explanation and unfathomable from a human standpoint. What is the essence of existence, the physical or Consciousness?  What is physicality without Consciousness to be aware of it?  If we can agree that existence consists of only these two phenomena, what is left when one is taken away?  If we take away Consciousness there is nothing.  However, taking away the physical still leaves awareness and intelligence. Are we physical beings or Consciousness?  The body expires and is buried but who ever buried Consciousness or can attest to its demise as well?  Who can present some dead or expired Consciousness? Is Consciousness limited or confined to a brain or body?  If so, how is it aware of that which is beyond its confines?  If it is limited where or what defines the boundaries?  Where does mine end and your begin?  Who can say that Consciousness is limited, divisible or destructible? Is the purely physical interpreting Consciousness or the other way around?  Which then is logically authoring the other? I have always thought it rather ironic how atheists point to the gullibility of the religions while they themselves swallow a much larger absurdity, that being that the limited, mostly explainable physical somehow evolved the unfathomable.  They can tell us all about how the physical evolved through mutations, survival of the fittest, etc. but have no clue as to the development of C, yet their very being consist of IT. What is intelligence anyway?  No one knows but it is self evident.  Atheists refuse to accept anything without evidence and rely on science for their truths so they limit themselves to the physical because science is limited to the purely physical.  Science is a wonderful thing and has provided much advancement in physicality but that is its limit.  It cannot reach into the essence of existence.  In fact, proof or evidence is limited to physicality and science cannot even prove the physical exist.  Consequently, there is no such thing as proof.  There is only the self evident, Consciousness, which is everything! I am not saying one is right and the other wrong.  Free will is the option of believing whatever we choose, and merely means that each has their own path to trod and the direction one takes depends on how each interprets the sign posts along the way. My opinion is that we draw inspiration and direction from our beliefs, some believe in higher intelligence and will draw and ascend to that Source, while others accept only the purely physical and can only remain at that level until greater understanding knocks on their door.

As I see it, both the religions and atheists are partially correct.  There is no “separate” God, but there is definitely higher intelligence projecting that which we are experiencing and we are IT!

Merely my opinion, of course