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The religions tell us that hell is separation from God and they are absolutely correct but they don’t know half the story.  They believe that God is a separate being which can only mean

they have gone to hell.

We all have.  For reasons beyond our current understanding, we have all chosen hell.  Duality is hell.  It is only here that we have the opposite of love.  But we can only know the sweet by also knowing the bitter.  There is no definition of one without the other.  Opposites are a necessity of existence if we are to really know ecstasy or eternal bliss.

But the “real” good news is that there cannot possibly be separation from God.  There can only be that illusion for our benefit.  There is only ONE and we are it.  We ascend from hell by coming to the realization that all is one and saving ourselves.  As long as we look to a savior we remain in duality, separation and victimization.

We take charge of creating our own reality when we come to the realization that we are not the created but the creator.

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