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images If we accept that the Supreme Authority, God or whatever one wishes to call IT, is love, then such is the standard by which all teachings can be measured or evaluated. Brought to the level of individuals, love is embodied in the age old teaching, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you”. That teaching sums up all others and is the one guide that cannot fail. If everyone lived this precept, the world and our existence in it would be gloriously transformed.

Consequently, love is the standard by which all teachings can be measured for truth. As humans we have those we dearly love which is far short of God’s love but the nearest a human can come. If a teaching is consistent with how we would treat those we love, it may well be truthful, if not, it can be rejected as false and inconsistent with love, recognizing the love of God as much greater.

Likewise with freedom, if the Creator says you are free to dabble with good and evil, do good and reap good or do harm and reap harm, such is freedom. However, should a Creator say, do this and reap bliss or fail to do so and be damned, such is not freedom but coercion, it is not love but manipulation. Thankfully, God really is love and the latter has never been the case.