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Surprising though it may be, in the final analysis, belief, faith, doctrine or morality are not of consequence as far as ascension or salvation is concerned. They can all be swept out the door like dust from the floor. All that matters is our love capacity. Love displaces all.    Evil, bad morality, etc. only reflect a lack of love.  And that is the lesson we are here to learn.  We are not here to choose between endless beliefs, having faith and worshiping one, while considering the others wrong and even adversaries, while others, just as sincere, accept something else because they were born in a different time or culture.  And no, those “others” are not judged or condemned because of their differences.  This is not what unconditional love is and it is not what God is.  There is no judgment.  We chose to temporarily experience good and evil and are now finding our way back home, just as the prodigal son.  We are here to discover what we really are and all the rest will fall beautifully into place.

Our stumbling block is a belief in separation. Our capacity to love is greatly diminished by that belief.  Belief in separation is the root of all evil, judgment, comparisons, fear, strife, ego and all negativity. Only when we come to realize that we are one with all and all is within and not separate, can we truly know love. Only when we recognize that we are one with all can we love all of creation as ourselves, because it IS ourselves.

Straight is the way and narrow the gate that leads to truth and few there be that find it. And those who do, do not remain in physicality. Jesus realized who and what he really was and was trying to teach that we are all the same.  The Gnostics got the message and many others who were him but the majority were ingrained jews, so what resulted was a mix mash of OT and truth.  The statement that got Jesus killed was, “The father and I are one”. But the people were so ingrained in OT doctrine of an angry, jealous, judging and vengeful god they would not hear it.   There is no such god.  And along that vein, let me hurry on to say, it was obviously not Infinite love that commanded the Israelites to mercilessly slaughter the innocent Canaanites, including children and babies, nor the many other Biblical atrocities.   It was testosterone filled egos, believing in separation and devoid of love.  The religions have it all wrong, desecrating both God and love to fit their belief.  Let us not make the same mistake as those who murdered Jesus by letting ingrained belief blind us to truth.

I strongly suspect that coming to this realization brings an end to physical journeys, while failure to do so, calls forth another.

The real good news, God really IS love!