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To be whole is to be love. Love is oneness. A mother and father love their offspring like no other because they are one, the same sperm and egg. At birth, they begin a sojourn of separation but the oneness is forever as well as the love.

Just as a loving mother and father may be saddened at their son or daughter’s falling away, they forever love and look forward to that ones return to their loving arms. The thought of condemnation could never enter a Consciousness of love. So it is with our Creator, patiently waiting our awakening. We are the very embryo of God. His prodigal son groping his way back to his loving original sonship in the Garden of Eden.

Here in physicality, we experience an illusion of separation because we chose to experience independence, separate from our Creator. However, because our Creator is our loving father, we can never truly be separate.

We are not here to accept one belief or another but merely to awaken to love and what we really are. We are all at different way points along that pathway, some requiring more physical sojourns than others, but all will eventually find their way. In my opinion, awakening to that truth and becoming love, ends physical sojourns while failure to do so, calls forth yet another.