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Some thoughts on the recent Islamic murderers in San Bernardino, CA. We view those acts as pure evil which they surely are. However, considering this from a purely religious standpoint, some interesting observations arise. Were these two intentionally violating God’s will? Were they rejecting God in favor of their own will? Were they choosing hell instead of heaven? Certainly not, quite the opposite. They were totally convinced they were not only serving God but sacrificing their own lives in that service. How then would a loving God judge such? We who believe much differently would conclude that they were acting with great sincerity but ignorance. They had been indoctrinated in one of the beliefs of their culture with unquestioning faith. Who’s fault then is this great injustice? Are not the Muslims as sincere as any in choosing to serve God? Are they intentionally rejecting truth? Are they not as certain of their beliefs as we are ours? How are any to come to know truth without openly observing and serious questioning?

We can be quick to judge and say they should have questioned their undying faith but their devoted acceptance of their indoctrinated belief blocked any such reasoning. Does love condemn ignorance?