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There are endless opinions, teachings, beliefs, religions, etc. relating to what this life is all about. However there is no proof of any of it. Proof only pertains to physicality where certain forms can be presented as evidence. However, no such evidence exists in spirituality, it seems to me. So, I have embarked on an attempt to relay just that which is logically evident to our senses.

I have long considered the question of free will or what, if any, control humans may have influencing their lives. We have conscious awareness of our experiences, which is amazing and beyond human understanding, beyond that I’m not sure.

We did not control when or where we were born. We had no control of who were our parents, siblings or status, financial, fame or otherwise. We had no control of our gender, original health, DNA, inherent tendencies, etc. We had no control of our early upbringing, how we were treated, what we were exposed to, nourishment, etc. We had no control of our early education or exposure to outside influences. We had no control whether we were bullied or abused sexually or otherwise. Did not the foregoing pretty well determine the direction, flavor and choices we are experiencing in this lifetime? Should not this realization affect how we view the struggles of others?

The common belief is that each is responsible for his/her choices and that’s very true. However, if one simply opens the eyes, it is quite apparent that one’s conditioning is the primary determinant to one’s choices. Much more so than free will or free choice. For instance, the abused and neglected child, who is responsible for its choices, the parent or the child? Why do we have ghettos and angry mislead humans? Is it not children raised in depraved conditions? Does not the early upbringing essentially determine one’s attitudes toward life and others?

We now do not control our bodily functions, heartbeat, digestion, respiration, etc.
We have little if any control over viruses, infections, immune systems, accidents, etc.

We do not control when, where or how we die.

We do not control all those little or sometimes big unexpected events occurring daily in our lives.

I doubt that there is an individual alive who would not make changes to his/her life if they could.

Yet, we think we are in control.

Of What?

We think we are making decisions between multiple choices but are we really? Perhaps we are, but are not our choices based on our ingrained beliefs, acquired habits, conditioning, etc? We say we could have chosen the other option. But why didn’t we? We weighed the options, consequences, etc and made a decision. In other words it would have required different circumstances for us to have made a different decision. But only what is, IS. So, was a different decision ever in the picture?

We think we are controlling our thoughts but are we really? We have no idea of our next. We cannot even stop the incessant flow. No one thinks before hand, next I’ll have the following thought. They simply flow from beyond. If we are not in control of our thoughts, what then can we possibly be controlling?

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” Nikola Tesla

I contend that if we were indeed in control, there would be no sickness, accidents, poverty, etc.

Is free choice actually a delusion? I do not know the answer and do not believe it can be proven one way or the other but only conclude that the evidence suggests we are somehow here to experience that which is beyond our control. Perhaps the One is experiencing infinite form and consciousness through what appears to be limited individuals. Perhaps, after we cross over, we will understand that we are not controlling anything in this life, to which we will reply, I sure thought I was.

A little food for thought.  Please feel free to share yours by comment.