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According to the most popular religions, good and evil is the result of a continuing war between God and Satan. It seems that Satan is beating the pants off God in winning the souls God created. Yet God created it all, including Satan and knew the whole story beforehand. They teach that in the final analysis, there is great suffering by the majority of God’s creation for all eternity but it’s not God suffering but His created. Yet, they teach that God is love.

Furthermore, the belief is that God is love, fair and that each has equal opportunity for salvation.  But if one simply opens his/her eyes, it is obvious that people the world over, by and large, become followers of the religion of their culture.  So if only one is the correct one, those born in that particular culture would be much more likely to make the right choice which would reflect discrimination.  I could present many other contradictions but enough already.

I contend that there is no greater contradiction than such belief and that such belief does not honor God but quite the contrary, is a great dishonor to both God and love.

I do believe there is a supreme Consciousness or Creator and that IT is love and do not claim to know the Infinite but this explanation is not one that makes a lick of sense to me.