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I find it interesting that the two things Christianity gets right is that God is love and life is eternal while at the same time denying both by believing in a God of eternal punishment and only one life beginning at physical birth.

To believe that love would plan a creation where most suffered forever with no hope of escape is the ultimate contradiction. As human we can only experience a very limited reality, but we do experience love, at least to some degree. Probably the closest version is that of a mother’s love for her child. What loving mother would even think of bringing a child into the world knowing it would suffer forever? Yet that is precisely what the religion accuses their loving God of. Yes, a mother disciplines a child to teach it about how to live this life but she never even considers eternal suffering for the wrongs it may do, as love could not even conceive of such. Just think about it, a child does wrong, a mother is heartbroken but if the child repents, the mother is ecstatic and is certainly not interested in punishing for repented misbehavior. Neither is our loving God. The religions have totally misconstrued and desecrated both God and love.

Yes, life is eternal, which means without beginning or end. There is no death, only transition. Such is very easily proven by the many NDE’s or the hypnotist who have taken people back and recorded their experiences of seeing the lifeless body, hearing the doctors pronounce it dead, witnessing the loved ones weeping, etc. followed by moving on through the tunnel into the loving white light.

We have all lived many many lives in physicality on this side of the veil, as well as unknown experience in bliss on the other side. Time does not exist on the other side of the veil, where it is always NOW. We choose to forget who and what we really are to experience physicality with free choice in the only environment where ultimate contrast of opposites, good, evil, health, sickness, up, down, hot, cold, light, dark, etc. can exist. Such is impossible on the other side where only love and perfections exists. Why would we choose such, because of what the grand experience contributes to our understanding and eternity.

In a nutshell, there is no death, which means there has never been a resurrection, so much for Easter. And Jesus did not die for the sins of mankind but to demonstrate for us love, forgiveness and who and what we really are, Divine. He said greater than these will you do, indicating that he did not consider himself any greater than those who he taught, merely more spiritually advanced. The church simply went off on a false tangent following a Jewish interpretation of Jesus, anxious to fulfill their anticipated Messiah. More on that later.