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“Father forgive them for they know not what they do”, reveals so much more than has yet been realized by the masses. In the first place, he was forgiving those who rejected him. The religion tries to make it work by saying he was forgiving them because they did not know that he was the son of God which makes absolutely no sense. Regardless, whether he was the son of God or just another human, according to the belief they were sinners and now murderers. Furthermore, he was no more the son of God than those who were crucifying him and Jesus knew this.. These words prove that Jesus realized that all are not only forgiven but forever loved eternally by their creator. The prayer was not necessary, because no forgiveness exists because there is nothing to forgive. Of course, Jesus knew this but made the statement to exemplify the love of God which only he had fully realized. Likewise, Jesus did not die for the sins of mankind because no sacrifice was ever required by love.

“for they know not what they do”, our only shortcoming is ignorance, which we shall all move beyond eventually as did Jesus, which is the only difference in us and Jesus.. It may take many more grueling lifetimes for some but all will eventually wake up to truth. Jesus had realized who and what he really was and knew those who were torturing him were the same but just ignorant of it. This was his teaching from the beginning, the problem was that he was interpreted by Jews heavily ingrained in OT teachings of an angry, emotional, revengeful,  human like, judgmental God who planned a creation where a few would forever live in bliss with Him and the vast majority would suffer forever and call it love. According to the belief, our loving God thinks nothing of creating humans knowing in advance they will suffer forever. It teaches that God is all knowing but very unhappy with His creation and consequently condemns the majority. Jesus not only knew better but tried in vain to teach it. Sadly, he was terribly misinterpreted!