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Our problem here is, we are mistaking the illusion for reality. Heaven/Love/God/Consciousness/Perfection is reality and all that exist. God is all and all is God, including us. Yes, we are God, there is no separation. Some will cringe and say that is blaspheme but actually the opposite is true. If God were separate, It could not be infinite but would have to be limited and confined by boundary. God wishes to express and is doing so through infinite manifestation and multiplicity including us and all that exist.

God cannot fully express without contrast or opposites. Such cannot exist in pure love and perfection, hence the illusion or dream of opposites, separated by the veil. Any who wish, may chose to experience the illusion. We choose to do so, to taste what the opposite of love would be like and to experience ultimate contrast. It is that realization that will make our eternal destination of love that much sweeter. We are currently in the illusion which consists of a series of lifetimes beginning at a somewhat lower level of Consciousness and evolving to a higher one, or to finally completely dying to self and surrendering to our Maker and Love at which time we will ascend back home/Heaven. Through our choosing the illusion, God experiences It’s opposite and ultimate contrast.

There is no judgment, no sin and no hell. God gives us complete freedom without judgment, but our choices determine our heaven or hell while here and we do not return home until we have forsaken all selfish behavior for love. Yes, God allows Lucifer to tempt us and Angels to assist us as part of the game. It’s up to us which we follow. All will sooner or later return to love and our Heavenly home. Hell or ugliness could not possibly co-exist with loving perfection throughout eternity. We place far too much concern on the illusion which has absolutely no affect on our eternal destiny.